Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beauty Review: Pacifica Perfumes New Eyeshadow Palette and Lip Tint Makeup

My Pacifica haul from Target

Did you know that Target now carries Pacifica products, including their new makeup items? I have adored Pacifica's perfumes for a long time (check out my review), so I was very excited to try their makeup, which, like their other products, is vegan and cruelty-free!

I picked up their mineral-based Enlightening Eye Brightening Shadow Palette, which on their website is described as:

An incredibly innovative formula that pushes mineral makeup color to new bounds. Rich, lasting, creaseless eye shadows are infused with coconut water for a velvety, cream-like finish. These four highly pigmented mineral satin makeup and iridescent shades are specially curated are designed to brighten the eyes and make you look gorgeous and awake. (Even when you did not get a good night's sleep!) 

The palette contains four jewel-toned colors (descriptions are from the Pacifica website):

  • Urchin - An iridescent jeweled purple with gold tones. Use dry as a shadow, wet as a liner. Perfect for smudging and a great substitute for black.
  • Golden - A perfect gold with just the right amount of shimmer. Use on the lids or line the eyes.
  • Coral Sand - A satin lid base or highlighter. 
  • Skinny Dip - Matte nude base, a universal brightener. Perfect for using on the inner eye to add brightness.
I really loved the subtle shimmer of each color and the versatility of the palette. The colors can be used for an everyday look or dramatized for nighttime. The colors are gorgeous and really do give your eyes that extra pop! I also like that the colors can pretty much be worn any season. 

The consistency of the eyeshadow is silky and easily applies to eyelids. I used a primer (ELF brand, in case you are wondering) before applying the shadow and the eyeshadow held up very well, both in daytime and nighttime wear. My eyelids tend to get pretty oily, so it is quite important that eyeshadows "stick" and not run all over the place on me. Luckily, these Pacifica shadows passed the test!

On eyes: Urchin, Golden and Skinny Dip
On lips: Guava Berry

I also picked up two colors of their Color Quench Lip Tint, one in Sugared Fig and the other in Guava Berry. These lip tints are also mineral based and contain coconut oil for moisturizing. The description for the lip tints from the Pacifica site is as follows:

Give your lips the love they deserve! Color Quench lip tints packs major moisture, nourishing naturals and gorgeous, sheer color into one perfectly portable, 100% recyclable tube. Essential fatty acids from rich and amazing avocado and coconut oils leave lips luscious and healthy. Natural flavor and 5 perfect shades produce the prettiest, most kissable mouth ever. 100% vegan and gluten free. Your lips will love you back!

I liked both lip tints, but both are very, very sheer and don't provide much color. I love the natural look they gave me, though, with just the perfect amount of shimmer! My only complaint about the lip tints is that I didn't care much for their taste/smell. It just didn't taste/smell appetizing to me. However, I do want to pick up some other colors since I love the subtle look these lip tints gave me!

Pacifica also has other new eyeshadow palettes (including the Mystical palette I'm dying to try), as well as mascara and eye lining gel I'm excited about! I hope Target starts carrying these new(er) products soon!

To note, Target also carries many of Pacifica's other products, including lotions and perfumes (including my fave, the Indian Coconut Nectar lotion, which you can see in the pic above).

You can also purchase Pacifica products online at their website, at Sephora, or in other select stores.

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  1. I really want to try the mascara too. I like the cheek pallet I picked up a few months back. I have yet to try the lip shimmers because I really disliked the old formulas and hope they are not the same.

    I love the Indian Coconut Nectar scent - the roll on scent hardly lasts on me though - boo! The lotion seems more concentrated in scent. I like the new coconut water wipes - they are my gym bag go to! Mmmm... tropical!

    Sephora does not carry Pacifica in store any longer and the stuff they have online is old (they have the pearl containing line). Ulta has some of the scent products too but no color stuff.


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