Sunday, August 4, 2013

Halloween Items Now at Big Lots Stores!

I received a tip from the lovely Fright Bites blog that Big Lots stores had begun putting out their Halloween items, so as soon as I could I visited one and, lo and behold, they had several aisles already full of autumnal and Halloween items!

Nothing really struck my fancy enough for me to actually purchase anything, but I did snap a few pics to share with you! Check out what Halloween items the Big Lots store in Fountain Valley, CA had in-stock just this past Friday:

Pumpkins everywhere! Though there were too many 
glittery ones for my liking.

 These lanterns were probably my favorite items I saw there...
but they were a bit on the pricey side (I think around
 $14 each), so I didn't purchase them

 These spiderwebbed pumpkins were neat!

 Ghost and pumpkin string lights

 I love the Dracula's Pub light (saw this in past years, too) 
and Bloody Mary's Tavern light

 Witch hats and more cool lanterns!

 So happy to see Halloween items in stores this early!

 Silly skeleton and zombie LED pathway markers

 Happy jack-o-lanterns cuz Halloween is coming!

Have you been to Big Lots and looked at their Halloween items? What other stores that you've been to are carrying Halloween items?

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  1. Oh you´re lucky I haven´t seen anything yet ;)
    love Halloween!!

  2. Awesome! I'll have to go check mine out. I was at JoAnn Fabrics today and they had one tiny display of costume patterns, and that's it. They had a decent selection of fall stuff.

  3. I think I am the only person not excited to see Halloween coming in August (even July in some places!). It's too early for me. By the time even October 1st gets here I'll have seen the same stuff for a couple months and it loses the excitement. I know a lot of people like to deck out their abode starting on the 1st (I do too) but I'm good with it hitting the shelves the last couple weeks of September.

    Because of this holiday creep, Halloween stuff gets taken off the shelves before the day even comes so Christmas things can start being stocked. This is an abomination! :)

  4. How happy making! I've been stalking Home Goods in Seal Beach, but nothing, yet.


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