Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween 2013 Items at Target

My local Target finally started stocking their shelves with Halloween items! I popped in earlier this week and found the candy aisle completely stocked, pet costumes out, some decorations up and lots of Halloween-themed food available! They also had a few Halloween-themed t-shirts out as well!

I find that Target drags its feet on putting out all its Halloween decor...sigh! This year is no different and they are really dragging out stocking their Halloween shelves. Still, the stuff they do have out looks promising!

Check out a few photos I took of what I found:

 Love the ghosty!

Awesome candle holder and candy bowls!!

 Pretty awesome "Poison" and owl drink dispensers

 Cool cups and pitchers

 Giant skulls!

 The best colors - orange and black!

 Lots of cute vintage-inspired decorations

 Halloween t-shirts! I picked up the orange "Boo" black cat one

What I ended up with - Starbucks VIA Pumpkin Spice, Jones Soda
in Candy Corn, Blood Orange and Red Licorice, Halloween 
Kleenex, sandwich bags, pins, light-up rings and drink stickers

Can't wait to see what other Halloween goodies Target thrills us with this year!


  1. did you see any of those fabled pumpkin pie m&m's?

    1. They had a bunch of M&Ms out, but I never pay much attention to them since I don't eat them, sorry!

  2. I love those bowls with the legs! Those are great. Last time I was in Target, they just had candy & not much else out. Lots of open shelves with skeleton liner paper, tho. Maybe it's time to go back......

  3. My stores are still dragging on getting stock out. I haven't seen the stuff in the first half of your pics yet! And it seems like they're all but doing away with adult costumes. There was a sign that said something to the effect of if you're looking for adult costumes, shop online.


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