Friday, November 15, 2013

Beauty Review: Mystical House Organic Skin Care

I am always thrilled to find new vegan options for skin care. It is always great to see more companies who believe in offering cruelty-free and compassionate products, and while there are a lot of larger companies doing this, I still love supporting the smaller, independent companies who offer vegan products. Companies like Mystical House, who specializes in handmade, organic, and good-for-you skin care!

The owner was gracious enough to send me three of her handmade vegan products to review, Mocha Facial Scrub, Citrus Body Butter and Healing Lip and Body Balm. I have been using the Mocha Facial Scrub for about a month now, and I am head over heels in love with it! First off, it smells absolutely amazing, and the aromas of chocolate and coffee instantly perk me up! Second, it works as a fabulous exfoliator, making my skin so smooth and glowy! Finally, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized. Plus, it is only made with natural ingredients (coffee, cacao, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter), each of which have tons of skin-boosting properties, like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, collagen-boosting peptides and more! This was a wonderful facial scrub and I couldn't recommend it more! One tip, have a towel ready to wipe down your countertops when using the scrub as the coffee/cacao consistency tends to leave brown puddles if you are messy like me!

The Citrus Body Butter is just as rich and luxurious as the Mocha Facial Scrub. It smells like tangerines, grapefruit and limes and uses a mix of moisturizing oils like jojoba, coconut and argan to pamper and nourish the skin. Those oils plus shea and coconut butters give this lotion extra oomph when it comes to moisturizing your body and will leave you feeling like a queen (or king)! I especially love smoothing it all over my body before going to sleep at night for feeling exceptionally silky in the morning.

I've also been using the Healing Lip and Body Balm, which was especially helpful when I spent a few weekends traveling in hot 90 degree temperatures that left my skin parched! I used this primary as a lip balm, and it really saved my lips, which are already susceptible to chapping, but were made even drier in the hot temperatures and windy weather we have had. I also liked the "zing" this balm had, since it is made with eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, cinnamon and clove essential oils (all of which have amazing healing properties, by the way!). My lips were ship-shape in no time after using this balm.

Besides the three products I tried, Mystical House makes many other high-quality vegan skin care items, like serums, lotions, lip balms, etc., all at affordable prices (single products are usually $10 or less)! Also, they carry gift packs would make perfect presents during the holiday season!

I really loved each of the Mystical House products I tried and look forward to trying new products in the future!

Check out Mystical House on their Etsy store!

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