Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Food Review: Tofurky Pockets

Tofurky Pockets

Written by Sarah E. Jahier

I totally remember being a teen and enjoying Hot Pockets on occasion...I loved the convenience of popping them in the microwave and enjoying a hot, gooey snack (though definitely NOT a healthy one). So when Tofurky came out with their vegan version, I was ecstatic (as were many other vegans)!

I found the Tofurky Pockets on sale (score!) at my local Whole Foods and had to try each flavor, which include BBQ Chick'n, Turk'y Broccoli and Cheddar, and Pepperoni Pizza. Each box holds two Pockets and they come in microwavable pouches.

BBQ Chick'n Tofurky Pockets

I tried the BBQ Chick'n, first, and I really loved the flavor of the chick'n and BBQ! The bread was really tasty, too, but a little bit too thick. I love all things BBQ flavored, so it was no surprise that this was probably my favorite of the Pockets (though I really did love them all)!

Turk'y Broccoli and Cheddar Tofurky Pockets

Turk'y Broccoli and Cheddar was equally delicious! I liked how these Pockets were really full of ooey gooey goodness! I suspect the same vegan meat that was used for the Chick'n was used for this Pocket, but that didn't make it any less yummy!

Pepperoni Pizza Tofurky Pockets

If you know me, you know how much I loooooove pizza, so I was really excited to try the Pepperoni Pizza Pockets! I wish they had had more sauce filling and that their crust was a bit less thick, but nonetheless these were really good and I devoured them!

All three of the Pockets had an excellent crust - it could have been less thick, but other than that I liked it! The taste and texture were both spot-on. Plus, I loved how they never came out soggy, but had just the right balance of chewiness and bite.

I would gladly buy all three of these again!

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  1. I tried these at VVC, but they're still not in Omaha :( I liked 'em too!


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