Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Food Review: San Clemente Cookie Dough Company's Cookie Dough Squeeze

I recently had the opportunity to try San Clemente Cookie Dough Company's squeezable, to-go cookie dough that is vegan, dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free! This brilliant cookie dough is sold in individual pouches that are perfect for those that are busy, on-the-go, or are just looking for an easy snack. Each squeezable pouch has a single-serving of cookie dough that can either be eaten raw (another perk of being vegan - we don't have to worry about salmonella and can eat all the raw vegan cookie dough we want!) or baked up into cookies!

Squeezable vegan cookie dough! We live in a wondrous time! 

This awesome new product makes a great snack, day or night! I love throwing one in my purse for those times when I need a quick pick me up or when my stomach starts rumbling and demands food. The cookie dough is also pretty healthy and isn't loaded with preservatives or other weirdo ingredients.

Chewy Chocolate Brownie No-Frownie Cookie Dough Squeeze

San Clemente Cookie Dough Company offers three flavors - Chewy Chocolate Brownie No-Frownie, P.B. Bodaciousness, and Take a Trip to San Clemente Chocolate Chip. All flavors use minimal ingredients, like organic chocolate, sunflower seed oil, and whole oats, For being comprised of such simple ingredients, the consistency of the dough is surprisingly spot on - it's just moist enough to hold together but isn't overly oily or wet like some other cookie dough. It squeezes out really easily and is easy to eat on the go. I enjoyed mine for breakfast one day sitting at my desk at work, and not only was it easy to eat, but it also brightened up my day!

The cookie dough all baked up! Look how perfectly crinkly the
cookies came out!!

I resisted eating ALL the raw cookie dough so I could bake it into cookies. Each packet yields two medium-sized cookies that are perfect for a healthy treat! I made mine in the toaster oven set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and they came out scrumptious! Both the Chewy Chocolate Brownie No-Frownie and the P.B. Bodaciousness achieved that crinkly-cookie texture, and when I took my first bite they were soft but with the ideal amount of bite and chewiness! They were rich and packed with flavor, so just two cookies (one of each flavor) satisfied me.

Chewy Chocolate Brownie No-Frownie cookies

I'm so excited that this local company is making vegan, gluten-free, and good-for-you on-the-go cookie pouches! New vegan products are always appealing, but they are even more so when they come from a local independent company! I can't wait to find these Cookie Dough Squeeze packets in local stores!

P.B. Bodaciousness cookies

For now, you can order your cookies directly from San Clemente Cookie Dough Company's website, and they regularly have contests and deals on their Instagram, so check that out as well!


  1. I see so many dangerous perks to cookie-dough-on-the-go! I would probably not be able to control myself, especially if they're yummy!

  2. umm WANT! like... raw cookie dough to go sounds just so tempting that I wont even look if they sell that in germany XD i'd want it every day ^^


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