Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Halloween 2016 at Cost Plus World Market

The gang is all here!

I popped into Cost Plus World Market over the weekend to see if they had their Halloween items out yet, and luckily they had just started stocking them! I spent some time browsing around, admiring their Dia de los Muertos decorations, checking for vegan Halloween foodstuffs, and ogling all their Halloweenie decor. Check out some snaps I took of their selection below:

Frankenstein plates, mugs, platters, coasters and pillows! 

 Love those black skull apothecary cookie jars, they are a steal at $14.99 each!

 Creepy cats, dapper skeleton decor, ravens, and raven-claw candleholders!

 Human skeleton and dog skeleton lights! Plus cobwebs and itty bitty LED lights.


 More Frankenstein pillows and various decor.

 Dia de los Muertos calaveras!

 Dia de los Muertos mugs, plates, spoons, cookie jars, etc. 

 I love the guy in the sombrero...he looks so somber!

Vintage Halloween style decor!

 Snarling cats and flying bats and some hairy spiders!

 Terrifying tequila and Hallow-wine! NOTE: I do not know if any of this wine
is vegan, just FYI!

 Cocktail napkins, mummy hand serving spoons, HUGE skeleton candy bowl, 
sturdy witch's cauldrons, and ghost/witch serving trays that say 
"I'm here for the boos" or "I'm here for the brews."

 I LOVE little wind-up toys, I grew up playing with them, so I was so stoked to
see these wind-up toys including skeletons, Frankenstein monster, Dracula, and
a pumpkin head! They were $5 each, though, so I passed on buying any.

 Beers and wine - I don't drink much anymore, but it's hard to resist pumpkin beer
 and wine with really cool labels! Look at that kitty wine!! WARNING: I do not
know if any of this is vegan (in fact, I know at least the Shipyard Pumpkinhead
Ale is NOT vegan), so please do your research before purchasing if you are
looking out for that kind of thing - I did a full list of vegan pumpkin brews a
few years ago HERE if you'd like a handy reference guide and an 
explanation on what makes booze vegan or not vegan!

 More booze with Halloweenie labels!

 They have several spooky sodas this year, but most contain honey or other
non-vegan ingredients. However, the five pictured above are vegan! You 
have Jones' Soda in Lemon Drop Dead and Blood Orange, Frankenstein 
Green Apple Soda, Bride of Frankenstein Grape Soda, and 
Mummy Haunted Cream Soda! 

Here are the few things I picked up - Xochitl tortilla chips, Utz's Pretzel Treats,
Mummy Haunted Cream Soda, Halloween Pasta, Frankenstein Green Apple
Soda, and a vintage-style garland. All the food/drinks pictured are vegan!

Fangs for reading and stay spooky!


  1. So Sarah - pardon my ignorance. What would be in wine or beer that is non vegan?

    1. Great question! A lot of beers/wines/booze use filtration and/or clarification methods that involve fish bladders, animal blood, and other animal-ingredient based processes like that. Another reason is the actual ingredients used are non-vegan, the most common being honey. If you ever want to check if your booze is vegan, Barnivore.com is a great resource!

  2. Flying Cauldron ButerScotch Butter Beer at World Market is Vegan. They should also have a WereWolf Howling Ginger Beer.

    In order of your photos appearance :

    Tequila Chamucos is Vegan
    Vampire Vinetards is Vegan
    Insomnia Red Wine is Vegan
    Gnarly Head Wine is NOT Vegan Friendly
    Apothic Red & White Wine is NOT Vegan Friendly

    From Ballast Point (Pumpkin Down Beer) --- "I can confirm that we no longer use the previous gelatin, and all our main production beers are vegan-friendly!"

    From Smuttynose (Pumpkin Ale) Thanks for your inquiry. People frequently ask that question. We did away with isinglass and other similar clarifying agents many years ago. We found that they were difficult to use effectively and we really didn't like putting animal products in our beers on principal. So enjoy Smuttynose and Portsmouth beers without worries!

    ShipYard Beers : NOT VEGAN FRIENDLY

    From ACE Ciders : "All our ACE ciders are vegan apart from our ACE APPLE HONEY…….we only make ACE at this time, in Sonoma County CA."

    Insomnia's Red Wines are Vegan

    According to Barnivore.com -- New Belgium Pumpkick is Vegan Friendly (none of their beers contain corn or corn syrup, all of their beers are vegan including their newest collaboration with Ben and Jerry's the salted caramel brownie ale)

    Also according to Barnivore (2012) Anderson Valley is a Completely vegan Company and they contain no animal products whatsoever.

    Rogue Chatoue Rogue Pumpkin Patch is Vegan
    3 Floyds Zombie Dust & Catwaba Valley White Zombie Ale are Vegan
    NV Zombie Zin California Zinfandel 750 mL Wine was on the top 5 vegan wines of 2015 list


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