Thursday, November 30, 2017

Spooky Halloween Home Tour: Living Room

I'm a little late with this, but I promised to share some peeks of my spooky home all decorated for Halloween with you! If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen some of my tomb sweet tomb. It's small, but cozy and decorated for Halloween year-round, though it does get a little extra decorated for the Halloween season. Though I've taken down some of the Halloween decorations shown below, the orange and black aesthetic continues all year long and anyone who walks in the door pretty much knows I adore Halloween!

The first thing people see when they walk in the front door is the living room, so I'll start there. There is a cozy black couch piled high with pillows that is perfect for two. Mister Spooky, Havoc (my cat), and I spend many happy hours watching movies and reading on our couch. On the shelves around the living room I have a few trinkets, pieces of art, candles, and other decorations. For the most part I try to keep my home clutter-free, so I don't collect many knick-knacks, toys, or collectibles, however I do love my walls adorned in artwork! Below you will see some works by artists like Dark Town Sally, Rhode MontijoNicomi Nix Turner, Drew Rausch, Michelle Prebich, Sam Heimer, Lupe Flores, and more.

Besides the artwork, the focal point of the living room is the vintage church organ that is Mister Spooky's. We love to pose our skeleton Frankie at the organ so he can play some phantom tunes! Right next to the organ are the bookshelves, which house our movies and a few of our favorite books.

I hope you enjoy a look at my spooky Halloween living room below:

My cozy living room, full of artwork and coziness!

 The shelf above our TV houses some jack-o-lanterns, bat bust, candles, and 
lights, as well as my new favorite "Spooky All Year Round" pennant gifted
to me by a friend.

 This shelf by the TV houses some of the few knick-knacks I own, including
some black cat items, Edgar Allan Poe candle, Dark Town Sally
hand-painted coffin, Sam Heimer art, and more.

 A little slice of the artwork in the living room, including art by Lupe Flores,

A view of the rest of the artwork in this section, including Drew Rausch art 
and more art from Michelle Prebich and Dark Town Sally, plus some
Cellar Door Bath Supply Company candles (and black coffee in my mug).

More Dark Town Sally and Michelle Prebich art, Nicomi Nix Turner 
art and various other pieces of art.

View of the spooky pillow-filled couch, the bookcases, Frankie at the organ, 
and a peek into the kitchen.

 Peek at some of my books and a crocheted Nosferatu my mom made me!

Another shelfie!

Our spooky church organ (yes, those are buckets of treats since this was 
taken days before Halloween) - artwork above it is by Rhode Montijo.

Frankie plays a fine dirge!

A few items that grace the top of the organ - little jack from Target, plus 
candy corn girl artwork from Dark Town Sally and a bat from

I love how this picture makes it look like Halloweentown through the
looking glass. 

My coffin bookshelf filled with a few creepy cute prints, my business cards,
and Trick 'r Treat Sam and Pumpkinhead Jack Skellington Funko Pops.

 Ghost and skellie guarding the staircase to the second floor.

Haunted Mansion art from Disneyland plus another 
lovely print by Rhode Montijo.

Nighttime spookiness when I had my place all decorated for a Party City post

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my spooky Halloween living room! Do you leave most of your Halloween decor up year-round as well?

I hope to post more photos from my spooky home soon, until then, stay spooky!


  1. You have an impressive are collection! Thanks for the tour.

  2. May I move in? Good god, I LOVE EVERYTHING here. The artwork, especially! That's something I want to do in my bedroom this year, and you have so many fantastic recommendations.

  3. Such a fantastic living room and extensive collection.

  4. I love your pictures!! Do you leave Halloween decorations up all year?


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