Friday, May 31, 2019

10 Things I'm Loving This May

I'll be honest, this month has been a struggle for me. I got sick at the beginning of the month for two weeks and also found out we have to move at the end of our lease. In order to fund this unexpected move, I've been selling a large chunk of my Halloween collection. The whole month feels like one long battle against being sick and then another battle of purging belongings. I don't share this because I want pity, but just to show that life can throw us some curveballs sometimes and I just wanted to share why I've been so absent from here and social media. I know it will all work out in the end and I'm excited for a change of scenery, but it sure has been stressful.

Still, this month hasn't been all bad - I feel like even more than usual I need to focus on the positive and savor the little things I sometimes take for granted. As per my monthly tradition, I'm sharing 10 things I'm loving this month below, which encourages me to reflect on things I'm grateful for this month as well as sharing some cool things with you!

Check out 10 Things I'm Loving This May below:

1.) Morbid Podcast - I just started listening to this podcast and I am hooked! The two female hosts cover a myriad of true crime cases, spooky history, unsolved mysteries, urban legends, and more, featuring thorough research and entertaining, witty chit-chat. They've only been around for a year, and I am making my way through their back catalog of cases, but I can't wait to see what the future holds for them and what grisly new cases they share with listeners. 

2.) The Perfection on Netflix - Whoa, just whoa! This one had been on my must-see list and I was delighted when it popped up on Netflix. I didn't exactly know what to expect, but holy sh*t was this a freaking roller coaster of a film! It is best watched blind, so go in cold and enjoy (and damn, that last image was beautiful!). 

3.) Beyond Meat at all Del Taco locations - Being vegan just keeps getting easier and easier, and you can now score Beyond Meat tacos, burritos, and more at your local Del Taco!! Sub out any protein for the Beyond Meat, hold any cheese or sour cream, add their new vegan cilantro lime rice, and you've got a tasty vegan option at a fast food restaurant! 

4.) The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder - The past nine Friday nights have found me parked on the couch to watch some horror films with Joe Bob Briggs on his Last Drive-In show on Shudder! This show has given me something to look forward to every week, and I'm sad that it had its last episode (with a double-feature of the awful Blood Harvest and the delightful Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2) this past week. BUT I'm so happy that Shudder has renewed the series and we will get more Joe Bob!

5.) Moonray Bloom Hair and Body Spray by Pacifica - This scent is perfect for spring and smells of florals, citrus, and greens. It reminds me of taking a walk on a warm spring night through gardens of night-blooming jasmine and gardenia.

6.) Purging - While it is sad I am getting rid of 80% of everything I've gathered over the years (included what was a pretty awesome Halloween collection), I'm trying to look on the bright side and think how much easier it will be to move without so much stuff. Plus, I can use the money I earn from selling my collection to hopefully find a dreamy new home. And I'm hoping this will help me curb my spending habits around Halloween and buy less stuff in the future.

7.) Breakfast Republic vegan options - This new breakfast restaurant recently opened at UCI in Irvine and boasts three vegan breakfast options! For my first visit there, I got the vegan Jammin' Bennie and I was so impressed with how good it was! It features an English muffin topped with blackberry jalapeno jam, crumbled vegan Italian sausage, fluffy vegan "eggs" (made out of mung beans!), slathered in a creamy vegan hollandaise sauce and served with their crispy home potatoes. I can't wait to try their other two vegan options, which include a scramble and an omelet. 

8.) Doorbells at Dusk book - I needed a Halloween pick-me-up, and this month I finally got around to reading the Halloween book Doorbells at Dusk, which features short stories set on or around Halloween. I've been savoring each story and taking my time with this book. It is my escape from reality into a a spooky Halloween landscape!

9.) Graveyard Goods' Halloween 3 sweats - OMG I have had my eye on these and I finally snagged them! They only offer them in small batches every once in a while and are extremely limited, so I count myself lucky to have been able to get these. They are so soft and cozy and I love the design!

10.) Slasher season 3 on Netflix - The Slasher series on Netflix is a fun Canadian TV show that features a brand-new storyline and characters each season. As the name implies, the storylines of each season revolve around a slasher-like killer picking off characters. Season 3 focuses on a serial killer called "The Druid" and it was the perfect series to watch for some brainless fun! 

What have you been enjoying this May? 

Stay spooky!

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  1. I just tried Del Taco's Beyond Meat and avocado tacos while coming back from visiting some family members. They were good! If I get the chance to go back, I'd like to try a burrito with the Beyond Meat crumbles.


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