Friday, July 26, 2019

Sneak Peek: Halloween 2019 at Sur La Table

Sur La Table always has quality kitchen supplies, so I love browsing their Halloween items. They have a small but excellent selection of Halloween goodies like tableware, utensils, linens, baking supplies, and more. They just started putting autumn and Halloween items online, and you can check out some of them below:

That skeleton cakelet pan looks so cute!! I also always love their spatulas! 

What are your favorite items from Sur La Table?

Stay spooky!


  1. I love those treat bags and the candy dish. It's a little early for me and Halloween, but I'm going to be into this year!

  2. Never too early for Halloween! Love the Halloween Broomstick Picks and the Bone Salt and Pepper Shakers. However, I believe that this year, I may have to finally pick up their Nordic Ware Skull Pan. So many possible uses! Hope you are enjoying Northern California, but we will miss your visit to Roger's Gardens and your review of their annual Halloween display!


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