Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Richard Scarry!

Richard Scarry's illustrated books were HUGE in my house growing up and were a huge influence on me while I was learning to read as a wee one. I loved the colorful illustrations of his books and his animal characters were plucky and fun friends for this widely imaginative kid. I especially adored Lowly the Worm.

Lowly RULES!

Plus, I always wanted Richard's last name, which is THE COOLEST EVER!!

So, when I found out it was Richard Scarry's birthday today (thanks, Google!), I just had to give a quick shout-out. Scarry would have been 92 today, but he sadly passed away in 1994. He definitely helped (and continues to help) children learn how to read with his fun, creative books.

I loved his books as a kid, and was pleased to find he actually has a Halloween book out, called The Best Halloween Masquerade Ever as well as a Halloween video called The First Halloween Ever!

Richard Scarry + Halloween = BRILLIANT!

I just wish he had done more Halloween-themed stuff, but the two above will have to suffice.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Scarry, and thank you for filling my childhood with your delightful books!


  1. Oh, I remember reading his books as a kid too! Happy Birthday Richard Scarry! :)

  2. heres a halloween special episode! ^_^


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