Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Pumpkin Dream

I came across this delightful Flickr photo set of a beautifully illustrated book called The Pumpkin Dream by Robert Aaron Wiley and just had to share this amazing artwork!

Since I've been itching for Halloween season (just a few more months!), these images pretty much made my day! I love the illustrations and the book just looks so darn cute! I can't wait to get my hands on The Pumpkin Dream...just looking at the photos dissipated any Halloween blues I was feeling. PLUS, you can also buy the designs emblazoned on a tote or T-shirt HERE! Gah, I want them ALL!

About the book:

A tongue-in-cheek illustrated holiday poem about a Halloween night gone wrong when a bored trick-or-treat pumpkin, against advice and fear of others, leads the main character into a world of witches and monsters.

This first edition contains 37 illustrations in classic Halloween colors of orange and black, with images inspired by vintage cartoon animation.

You can buy the book HERE!

Buy totes and t-shirts HERE

Visit author and illustrator Robert Aaron Wiley's blog HERE!


  1. I love the old time feel of these. That first image looks awesome on a t-shirt too!

  2. Out of sheer randomness I googled the book today and discovered your blog, and now I’m discovering lots of great Halloween spookiness I previously missed! Love it here!

    And by all means thank you for the awesome nod to the book! The poem was my personal writing-tradition for many Halloweens, and the illustrations consumed me for these last few months. So now that I'm suffering a mini post-Halloween depression in June, it's wonderful to see it hanging out with all this Halloween goodness! Thank you!

    Happy Halloween 2011!
    Aaron - (

  3. I feel a bit strange seeing Halloween images during summer. But June here looks like September these days. Lovely use of orange and black. I should come back to this blog.

  4. I live Halloween year-round! :)

    Do visit again...and stay a spell!

  5. My daughter and I created our own Pumpkin Dream last year. As a Halloween lover, you'd probably enjoy it!

  6. Adam, what a great short! If you don't mind I would love to re-post the video for this year's 31 Days of Halloween!


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