Sunday, September 11, 2011

Target's Halloween Shirts for 2011

Our neighborhood Target is tragically slow at stocking their shelves with Halloween items. but this weekend I decided to venture out anyway to see if they'd gotten off their lazy bums for once. As usual, they only had a small selection of items out, including some pet costumes, the beginnings of their Halloween section and their Halloween t-shirts. It seems they have less tees than last year, plus some repeats (disappointing!!), so I was a bit let down at the lack of selection. Boo.

I purchased the best shirt there, the "Little Miss Spooky" one, of course! I figured it was just too fitting for me to pass up!

I snapped a few photos of the other few items they had out as well:

I'll have to head back in a week or two (or try a different Target) to see if they have any more spooky holiday items out!

I hope your Target is quicker at getting out Halloween items than mine!!

Check out my post on last year's Halloween t-shirts HERE!


  1. One of our Targets started getting stuff in - the other has nothing. There is one shirt that I did not see you post on - a black shirt with a pink foil skull. I like that it is year around spooky - if only I can find it in my size now!

  2. I LOVE that Little Miss Spooky t-shirt!

  3. Urg, this post makes me wish so much that halloween was celebrated in Australia. -sadface-

  4. I love the Little Miss Spooky tee! I usually pick up a few Target Halloween tees each year. Last year they had cute leggings, I hope they do that again.

    Our Targets wait until the last possible minute to put things out, usually the end of September. I need to check this weekend to see if they have the jewelry, tees, and end caps up at least.


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