Friday, November 11, 2011

What is Coming to Get Us


The biggest danger in each state, according to horror and science fiction books and movies! Click image above for a larger view.

Vampires are coming to get me in California.

What's coming to get YOU?


  1. I guess we have to worry about zombies in Wisconsin! Yikes, some of those concerns are actually real...

  2. **Woot** come and get me Michael Myers sure is better then the government

  3. GHOSTS?! Well, that ain't a surprise...not at all...

  4. Oh shiz, aliens! I used to live out in the country and lie awake at night freaked out by my own thoughts of aliens. Stupid teenage years LOL

  5. Ah hell... I live right in the SW corner of Va so I will be have to run from Vampires, Cuthulu, Zombies, cannibals and... umm... caves?

  6. Cannibals... and East Texas is very close to LA.. so vampires too.. Yiiikes better inform the hubby


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