Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Horror Article Archive on a New Blog

Hiya fiends!

Sorry I've been away for some time, but for the past few months I've been a busy bee backing up all my old horror reviews, interviews, articles that have appeared on numerous websites and compiling them all in one place.

You may have heard that I've given up my post as editor of (the horror website I founded and nurtured for the past 6 years), so I wanted a back-up site where I (and others) could easily access all my old articles (and post new ones too!).

All my horror writings from Fatally-Yours as well as from other sites I have written for are now compiled on my new blog Fatally Yours Reviews here on Blogger. I'll be posting any and all horror-related posts here, so please give it a follow if you are so inclined! I also have all my infamous Women in Horror Month articles on the new site!

Fatally Yours Reviews will exist as a separate blog dedicated to archiving my writings about the horror genre, so rest assured The Spooky Vegan isn't going anywhere!

In fact, I'll be back to posting spooky stuff on here quite soon!

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