Friday, April 19, 2013

Power to the Veg Vegan Swap

All the goodies I received in my first vegan swap box!

Recently through the astounding community of amazing vegans on Instagram (my user name is thespookyvegan if you want to look me up) I was introduced to a veggie group on Facebook called Power to the Veg that organizes and hosts a monthly vegan swap. I love mailing people goodies (and of course receiving goodies in the mail!) so I couldn't wait to join this fun swap!

It works like this: You join the group and each month you can sign up to participate in the swap. If you sign up, you are matched with a fellow vegan and are responsible for buying them $20 worth of vegan goodies (anything from non-perishable food items to beauty supplies to handmade items) and shipping them by the 15th of the month. In return, you receive a vegan box curated by someone else in the group. How cool is that? It sounded like so much fun I decided to participate in April.

Once I received the name of the person I would be buying for, I reached out to them to find out their preferences and allergies. Then I went shopping! I visited Viva La Vegan all-vegan grocery store in Rancho Cucamonga (read about my visit HERE) to pick up a few hard-to-find items and the rest of the goodies I picked up at my local Mother’s Market. I had so much fun shopping for my match! I bought vegan lip balm, vegan soap, a patch with a vegan bunny on it and tons of snacks for her. I shipped off my package via USPS Priority Flat Rate for under $10 and she received it a few days later.

I received my package from my match a few days later…it was like Christmas! Though my match lives in Southern California like me, she managed to find items I hadn't tried before. As you can see above, I was a very lucky girl to get such a kick ass swap box my first time! I got lots of simmer sauces, kale chips, pomegranate chips, popcorn, candy, bars, drink mixes, protein shake mix, a cute card and even an adorable little owl clip!

This vegan swap was so much fun, even though I already receive a monthly box from Vegan Cuts. There is just something so special and unique in getting a unique vegan package that is specially made for you…it’s like getting a care package from a friend or family member! Plus you get to try vegan products from other places and new items you may not have tried yet.

Have you tried a vegan swap before or done one with friends?

Would you like to? If so, you can find Power to the Veg on Facebook! If you join by the 5th of the month you will be eligible to join in the swapping fun for that month!


  1. you got some cool stuff! i stopped doing the large swaps awhile ago after not getting things in return and once getting old products that were not even vegan! :/

    1. Awww that stinks!! It really matters who your matched up with and I think I really lucked out with this first box!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks! I don't do many horror reviews anymore (I used to run a horror site but have since retired), but I do some here and there. The Fatally Yours blog is my archive for all the reviews, articles and interviews I had done on the old site (it is no longer up). It's unlikely anything new will be posted over on that blog.

      The pic above actually shows an orange and black tablecloth. :)

      I'm sure if you tried some of the vegan food you would find it delicious. It isn't that much different than regular food and I should know, since I have a non-vegan BF who is always stealing my snacks! :P


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