Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Photo Post: Halloween Leftovers

I know Halloween is over (but not really, not when it is everyday for some of us), but I wanted to share some leftover Halloweenie pics I never got around to posting before October 31st. For those that follow me on Instagram, some of these might be familiar, but there are a few new ones I haven't posted anywhere before.

Besides the 31 Days of Halloween countdown, here is what I was up to this Halloween season:

 I frolicked in pumpkin patches with lost ghosts.

I carved lots of pumpkins...this was the first pumpkin carving of 
the season. I think my "Spooky" pumpkin came out pretty good!

I made ghost pizza! 

 I attended Delusion: Lies Within, an incredible interactive 
play/haunt in LA!

 I made these adorable skull and crossbones pumpkin cornbread 
muffins from a Trader Joe's mix and enjoyed them with 
some vegan chili!

 My awesome sea-star (sister) sent me a Halloween care package
with this rad "Happy Halloween Witches" sweatshirt and cool 
zombie book!

 I had chick'n and waffles and made it look like a monster or a gorilla, 
depending on who you ask (FYI the chick'n is Gardein's cutlets and the 
waffles are from Nature's Path).

 I got this awesome postcard from the Sproul's

 I bought these stunning collar clips and old hag necklace 

 I ate ALL THE VEGAN CHOCOLATE shaped like Halloween
black cats, coffins, pumpkins, owls, and various other shapes

 I sported Gothcupcake's adorable Halloween hair bow.

 I baked Trader Joe's pumpkin cornbread into shapes like 
jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and bones.

 I ate more vegan chocolates, this time from Coracao Confections!

 I ate more waffles, topped with So Delicious' Coco Whip and served
with cold brew coffee in my jolly jack-o-lantern cup.

 I brought home this cute succulent in a pumpkin-shaped pot that
matched my orange nails.

 I ate all the pumpkin things, including this pumpkin food haul from 
Sprouts market - Pumpkin Snaps, Harvest Pumpkin Tortilla Chips,
Sparkling Pumpkin Cider, Pumpkin Spice Hummus, and Maple
Pumpkin Butter. Yep, everything is vegan!

 I drank a lot of pumpkin ale, like this Saranac (which is vegan), 
and ate a lot of vegan pizza, like this one I made that is shaped like 
pumpkin and topped with kale, artichoke hearts, vegan cheese, 
and vegan bacon.

 I set up a Halloween card swap with a few friends and it was a lot of fun!

 I couldn't resist these So Delicious Pumpkin Spice frozen treats, and
neither could my skeletal friends.

 Everything is Halloween themed, even my homemade deodorant 
(get the recipe!)! I used Halloween ice molds I got at the Dollar 
Store to make Halloween deodorant!

 I did a Halloween swap with talented artist Naisa Gómez Plúguez
and received some of her stunning artwork!

 I made a few new friends...

 ...and so did my baby-bat kitty-cat Havoc!

 I picked up a few new horror tees and some festive boxers to sleep in.

Of course, my drink of choice this season was Ghoul-Aid!

 I started planning for Creepmas and checked out these 
adorable bat ornaments at Roger's Gardens.

My teenage goth dreams came true and I got to see 
Marilyn Manson for the first time ever! 
Added bonus: it was in an intimate small space!

 On Halloween night, we carved pumpkins, hung out with our
skeleton Frankie, and handed out candy to trick or treaters!

 I scared little kids at the door with my skull makeup on 
All Hallow's Eve.


  1. I like your spooky pumpkin too - looks like you had a lot of fun indulging in the Halloween spirit - especially in chocolate!


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