Tuesday, December 9, 2014

13 Days of Creepmas: Creepy Christmas Tree Toppers

The hardest part of decorating my Creepmas tree is figuring out what to top it with! I have lots of Halloween baubles and gothic ornaments to decorate my tree with, but I always find myself stumped when trying to figure out what to top it with. A star or an angel is far too ordinary, I need something appropriately spooky and perhaps creepy to complete my Creepmas tree. So this year I turned to Google for help, and here are the terrifying (and terrifyingly awesome) suggestions it turned up:

Top your tree with a horror icon, like the 
Bride of Frankenstein!

A simple skull makes quite a impact on the tree.

Jack as Sandy Claws makes a perfect topper!

I love the idea of using a raven for a Creepmas tree topper!

Epic bat wings top an epic Halloween tree!

Another Skellington topper, this one of his screaming skull.

My favorite, a simple bat cut-out - and so easy to make yourself!

Witches hat - also easy and pretty awesome!

Your Elder God Cthulhu makes a delightful addition to a tree.

Taking the top prize for creepy is this re-purposed doll head! Yikes!

You can check out what I ended up using as a Creepmas tree topper this year HERE


  1. The orange tree with the bat wings is awesome!!!

  2. omigod.. you have given me plenty of ideas.. hm.. now searching how to make a bat tree topper with a gothic lace tulle tree skirt; so exciting. <3


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