Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Beauty Review: Tulip Perfumes in Neroli Wood, Redwood Forest, and Oakmoss Lily Blossom Scents

I absolutely adore Tulip, an independent, woman-owned perfumery from the Northern California coast that makes some of the loveliest scents! I don't see them much in stores down here in SoCal, but when I went up north last month I actually found their scents were carried in one of my favorite shops in Ferndale - the Golden Gait Mercantile (if you are ever up that way, do stop in - it is the most charming old-timey shop with tons of neat stuff!!). I couldn't resist picking up two scents - Neroli Wood eau de parfum from their Classic Collection and Redwood Forest oil from their Charmed Collection.

I had previously purchased their Oakmoss Lily Blossom eau de parfum and love it, so I was very pleased to add two more Tulip perfumes to my collection. Each perfume in Tulip's repertoire is "Inspired by the beauty of Northern California’s Redwood Coast each scent brings you closer to an authentic, natural and holistic lifestyle." All Tulip products are vegan, cruelty-free, and even gluten-free, and contain absolutely no phthalates, dyes, parabens or sulfates.

I chose their Neroli Wood and Redwood Forest scents because just smelling them evoked the fog-shrouded coastline of Northern California, with redwoods and evergreens dripping moisture on a soft, musky-smelling forest floor that nourishes sweet-smelling wildflowers and herbs.

Neroli Wood 2 oz. eau de parfum

The Neroli Wood is described on their site as "A clean mixture of sweet neroli, deep Himalayan blue pine and cedar with a gentle finish of warm amber resin and cashmere musk." Its top notes are neroli, with middle notes of Himalayan Blue Pine and Indian Cedar, finishing with bottom notes of amber resin and cashmere musk. It reminds me of clean mountain air scented by ozone and pine trees. So wonderfully crisp and unique!

Redwood Forest Oil from Tulip's Charmed Collection

Redwood Forest is part of their Charmed Collection, and is actually an oil that comes in a roll-on tube. The site's description of it is as follows: "This mysterious blend of light and crisp Herbs, Oriental Musk, Sweet Hyacinth and Exotic Woods will bring you straight to our home on the Redwood Coast of California. Come walk amongst the Old Growth Redwoods." It is as lovely as it sounds, and the scent lasts quite a long time. I also love the small size of it, as it allows you to take it with you wherever you go!

I love combining the Neroli Wood and the Redwood Forest scents together - both are wonderful separately, but together I feel like I smell like a wood nymph! Plus, they both last several hours and I love sniffing myself all day long! I find the scents both comforting and invigorating, so not only do they make me smell divine, but also help elevate my mood and get through the day.

Oakmoss Lily Blossom 2 oz. eau de parfum

I've had the Oakmoss Lily Blossom eau de parfum for quite some time, but I still want to mention it because I just adore this scent. This may sound strange, but to me it smells like white lilies placed on a clean-swept tombstone under an oak tree weeping moss. How perfect for spooky girls like me! And, like the other scents mentioned above, it lasts and is a fabulous mood-booster.

Tulip Perfumes also carry other scents, including Amber Vanilla, Lemon Sugar, Mandarin Peony, and Coconut from their Classic Collection, and Enlighten Mint, Vetiver Goddess, Lavender Rose, Lavish Patchouli, Bella Jade, Tea Rose, Pikake, Vanilla Iris, Divine Ivy, Sea, and Invoking Amber from their Charmed Collection!

Tulip scents are so magical, and I feel they are the perfect perfumes for me as they are so unique, memorable and nature-inspired! They definitely make me feel special and I feel good about wearing them since they are vegan and cruelty-free, not to mention free of all the other nasties typically found in conventional perfumes.

You can purchase Tulip Perfumes directly from their website and other fine retailers (I hear Target has started carrying them, so keep an eye out)!


  1. have seen these at whole foods - never tried them. i will next time!

  2. Lemon sugar is my favorite! It smells like fresh spun cotton candy!


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