Saturday, July 25, 2015

Halloween 2015 at Grandin Road

Grandin Road has finally revealed their 2015 Halloween collection online! You know, I've never bought anything directly from Grandin Road since they tend to be kinda pricey (and perhaps dishonest, more on that below), but I do have a few plates, serving dishes and various tableware from them that I managed to find online or used that are good quality.

However, something to keep in mind is that Grandin Road has a tarnished reputation in the Halloween haunt and artist community. It has been alleged that they steal designs based on other artists' work, replicate it, and call it their own. I've seen a few shocking examples of this (here is one), and its so disheartening when a big company pulls this kind of unacceptable behavior. No one will ever know for sure if they stole the designs outright or it was just an unhappy coincidence, but the similarities are a little too close for comfort. I mention this since it is something you might want to consider before forking over your money to them.

That said, they do have some nice things, and I'm especially covetous of the following:

Teeny tiny bat lights! Bats are one of my favorite animals and Halloween icons, so I really love these batty fairy lights!

More bats! Love this beautifully batty mantle scarf!

An animated lamp that lights up and speaks spooky sentences! 

 Simply smashing, my dear! Cheerio and all that rubbish!

 Wooden Drawer Shelf ($29 - $69)
I love the weathered look of these shelves, though it would probably be less expensive to make my own. Super awesome aesthetic, though! 

This is a really cute bust, though I don't see myself ever spending $99 on it! Dia de los Muertos is awesome, so I get excited anytime I see decorations for it. 

These are my favorite from all of Grandin Road's offerings. I am a sucker for any spooky tableware, and I love ravens, so these were the first thing in their 2015 collection that caught my eye! So simple and gorgeous, I would use them year-round.

Yes, you read that right - six-hundred and ninety-nine U.S. dollars for this stunningly scary urn! You can't tell from the photo above, but it has some insane details, like rat handles, scorpion supports, and is bedecked with ravens, skulls, and other eerie embellishments! If I was filthy rich, I would probably buy at least one of these, as it is just so gothic and gorgeous!

They offer many more new Halloween items, including props, tableware, decor, etc. You can find many more Halloween offerings online at Grandin Road's Halloween Haven

Stay spooky, my fiends!

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