Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Vegan Street Fair Returns to SoCal March 2017

The massively successful and insanely fun Vegan Street Fair is returning to Chandler Boulevard in North Hollywood this March 26th, 2017! The event has grown every year, and 2017 will be no different, with more space and more delicious vegan food for attendees! They are also expanding geographically, with a VSF coming to New York in summer 2017! They will also be bringing back their VSF Nights to North Hollywood in September as well. Lots of fantastic events coming up from VSF, so keep an eye out for more info.

Vegan Street Fair is seriously one of my favorite vegan food festivals of the year (check out my write-ups on the events from 2016 and 2015!), and I am really picky what I go to! Not only do they have some kick-ass vendors, but they also listen to feedback from attendees and strive to make improvements and tweaks every year. This year, they have done away with the tickets they've used in past years and attendees will pay cash directly to vendors (thank goodness). And as mentioned previously, they are adding more space as well as more vendors in 2017! Check out more details from their Facebook event below:

Vegan Street Fair is BACK! 
Vegan Street Fair is an annual (FREE) vegan food celebration where local vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and vendors come together to serve you bite-size portions of vegan eats all in one place.  
The best part? All bite-size portions are $4 max and did we mention that entrance is FREE?!? Oh and you pay vendors directly... THAT'S RIGHT! Food tickets are G.O.N.E! Breathe a sigh of relief with us and gear up to #eatalltheveganthings! 
At VSF, you get to nosh on as many local eats as your heart desires (and your belly can hold) for street fair prices. So instead of buying a $10 plate of vegan nachos and sitting out the rest of the amazing food experiences, you have the option to get bites from one vendor, move on to the next, and enjoy all of your city's BEST vegan eats without getting full for a fraction of the price of a regular meal. Who doesn't love that? And if you prefer larger portions, you'll get that too! Best of both worlds, amirite? 
Vendor and sponsor announcements coming soon! 
  • Beer Garden at the Federal Bar
  • WAY more space
  • TONS more vendors of all kinds
  • Pay vendors directly
  • More activites and games
  • Entrance is FREE but if you prefer the VIP treatment, passes can be found HERE
This event is open to the public. All ages + vegans and non-vegans are welcome. 
Sorry, companion animals are not allowed.
For more information, please visit and don't forget to RSVP to the event on Facebook!

Hope to see you there in March!


  1. This sounds AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. I need a little Halloween now that it is January -- and a lot of Spooky Vegan! Thank you for sharing.

  2. And Bat's Day is coming May 5-7, 2017. :)


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