Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Witch's Christmas

The Witch's Christmas (1986 version)

I came across this adorable children's Christmas book recently called The Witch's Christmas by Norman Bridwell, the well-loved author of the Clifford the Big Red Dog series of children's books. The Witch's Christmas is about a witch that not only puts a fun Halloween spin on Christmas, but also saves Santa when he runs into some trouble on Christmas Eve.

The Witch's Christmas originally came out in 1970 and looks like it was re-illustrated and re-released in 1986. Both versions were illustrated by Bridwell, with the later version getting some color. I've included pages from both versions below.

Both versions look frightfully fun and our witch shares a lot of the Creepmas spirit, like making it rain black snow, creating a holiday wreath from bats, singing Creepmas carols with some monster friends, and decorating a Creepmas tree with skulls, bats, and spiders! Merry Hexmas indeed!

Check out some of the pages from both versions of The Witch's Christmas below:

 The Witch's Christmas (1970 version) 

Bat wreaths for Creepmas! 

 Black snow - I'm digging this witch!

 Flying through the air with her bat friend to help out Santa

 Creepmas carols!

Shopping sure would be a breeze if you took to the air on a broom!

 And my favorite page, the Creepmas tree, decked out with bats, spiders, skulls, 
and (randomly) dinosaurs!

Bridwell has other kids' books featuring the same witch, including The Witch Next Door, The Witch's VacationThe Witch Goes to School, and so on.

Have you read this book before? Did you have it when you were younger?

Do you want the book for yourself? It doesn't appear to be in print, but you can find it used on Amazon!


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  2. We have the original book I had not clue they remade it in color how cool.


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