Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Celebrate Valentine's Day the Spooky Way

Hello boils and ghouls, and Happy Valentine's Day! Unfortunately I spent most of January sick (and with a sick cat and a sick Mister Spooky), and am still recovering from this plague, not to mention dealing with all that has seemed to go so wrong so fast in this country. So I hope you will understand that I haven't had much time to devote to you, my dear readers. I'm hoping that this will change and I will be posting more often, I can't believe I've already lost the first month and a half of the year and that it is already St. Valentine's Day!

Now, while I haven't had time to craft any new Valentine's Day posts, I still want to share posts from the past that will inject some much needed spookiness the holiday! Whether you're celebrating Saint Valentine, your partner, or yourself on this day of love, I've got some past posts on everything from what horror movies to watch to what creepy cards to give to the weird Victorian tradition of sending insult cards, and much more!

Stay spooky on this day of love by checking out some of my past posts below:

However you choose to celebrate (or not celebrate) St. Valentine's Day, I hope you will take some time for self-care and treat yourself to something nice, whether it be a nice long yoga or meditation session, making a recipe you've been wanting to try, getting pampered, watching a favorite movie, or getting yourself a little something! Sending much love to you whatever you do!

Stay sweet and spooky, my lovelies!

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