Monday, June 26, 2017

Catsploitation: A Zine Celebrating Horror Fans and Their Cats

I recently contributed to a zine called Catsploitation that celebrates horror fans and their cats and had such a blast! Each contributor was interviewed about their favorite horror movies and their cats. Each page of the zine showcases the interviewees' taste in movies, photos of them and their cats, and what horror movie characters and movies best describe their cats' personalities. The zine also contains an article on horror and sci-fi movies that feature cats as main protagonists or antagonists. Take a peek at this meow-velous zine below:

Catsploitation Volume 1 features an article on cats in films, cute drawings, 
and interviews, including the one about me and Havoc (pictured above).

I loved being part of this zine and had such fun answering all the interview questions, where I share some of my favorite horror movies and horror-related info about my precious cat, Havoc. I received my contributor copy the other day, and the zine came out purr-fect, with tons of other contributors sharing their faves and kitties, too. It wass so neat to read about everyone's favorite horror flicks, see pics of them and their kitty companions, and get to know them a little. It was a really fantastic project that I was happy to be a part of and I'm proud to see it out there in the world.

I had to include this photo of Havoc and me since it is so adorable!

You can order your copy of Catsploitation right meow on Etsy!

Psssst...If you like the doodles in the zine, I highly recommend checking out one of the zine's contributors, MissMuffCake - not only is she one of my favorite internet friends, but she has many of her own incredible zines that inspired her boyfriend to create this Catsploitation zine!

Stay spooky, my purr-fect fiends!

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