Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Traditions Holiday Store's Halloween Displays

Traditions is a year-round holiday store located in Canoga Park, California, just north of Los Angeles. They have a fantastic Halloween section featuring vintage-inspired decorations as well as folk art, lighted decor, ornaments, and more! I've known about this store for years now, but had never visited until this past weekend when I made the 1.5 hour drive from Orange County. The store is the middle of an industrial part of town in a large building that houses their showroom as well as a large warehouse (they have an online store - yes, you can order their Halloween goodies from their website!). On the weekend parking was easy (they have a lot in the back or there is street parking) and the store was pretty empty.

About half of the store is devoted to Halloween, the other half is mostly Christmas, with smaller displays for Thanksgiving, Easter, and Independence Day. You should have seen the huge grin on my face when I saw the Halloween section, it was awe-inspiring! Traditions carries mostly vintage replicas or vintage-inspired Halloween items, with many mass-produced Bethany Lowe products. I loved browsing around and just being immersed in the Halloween spirit! Their displays are boo-tiful! You can check out photos of the Halloween decorations in the store below:

The front of the Traditions store (though the parking lot is in the back and
you enter through a door in the back as well).

 Be still my Halloween heart!

This was their new for 2018 table

The cutest witch and one of the many Halloween trees!

Isn't that Spooky sign just perfect?

 House goals! I adored that orange wall!

 That headless horseman riding a black cat captured my heart!

Angel of Death and Lady in White

 Another Halloween tree...

 ...and a close-up of its ornaments!

Simply adorable! 

Swoon - I have a few of those small frames and they are so cute!

 Halloween village

I found my ghoul squad!

Wacky jacks

So, when can I move in?

These plates were gorgeous!

Spooky cabinet

Going batty...

Hello pumpkin friends!

Coven goals!

Loved seeing more fall foliage in the Thanksgiving section! Plus all those
precious turkeys, awwww!

 Couple gourds (LOL, I couldn't resist)!

 Pumpkin pie tree!!! Gimme all the vegan pumpkin pie!

Visiting Traditions was a treat, but I found most of their items overpriced, especially since many similar items will be available at Homegoods and other stores in a few months. Besides the high prices, the only other downside of visiting was the tendency of the staff to hover. I like having my space to shop and browse, so it got uncomfortable with one of the salepeople constantly around. Other than those issues, it was still neat being immersed in such a whimsical Halloween atmosphere and their boo-tiful decorating job boosted my Halloween spirit! 

I did end up buying a few things, check them out below: 

 I could not resist buying these amazing plates and mug!

 I also ended up buying the "Who Dares to Enter" hanging bat and a little 
jack-o-lantern sculpture! Don't mind all my necklaces in the background!

Have you visited the Traditions store?

You can check them out online HERE!

Until next time, stay spooky!


  1. I purchased the large dinner plates and salad plates, sets of 4 each, not the small dessert plates from Holiday Barn online about 2 years ago. yes they were pricey, but WOW! held off on the mugs. found wonderful wine glasses some with orange stems and some black stems, Italian, from HomeGoods! Looks bootiful together!

  2. bought the pumpkin pie ornaments a few years ago along with many turkey glass ornaments and a scarecrow and glass fall leaves ornaments for a thanksvegan display. glad to see they are still available.

  3. I was THINKING about trying to go there after I land in LA. Now I'm about 1000% sure I HAVE TO!

  4. OMG - I'm so glad that I'm on the opposite side of the US! I saw so many things that I'd love to have (I'm ignoring the website - for my bank account's sake!)

  5. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!


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