Monday, February 11, 2019

Gothic Love Songs for Valentine's Day

This playlist of love songs for gothic romantics is the perfect dark antidote to all the saccharine pop or whatever else is popular nowadays. Some songs are sweet, others are sinister, some are classics while others are little-known, but they talk about love and loss in a way that the strange and unusual of us can relate to. There are also a few I threw in that reference Valentine's Day or Cupid rather than love directly. I'm constantly adding and revising this playlist on my Spotify account, but take a listen to this year's selections below:

What are your favorite gothic love songs?

Stay spooky, my sweeties!


  1. It says "Sorry, couldn't find that." Is my computer messing up or is the link broken?

    1. Hmmmm the Spotify playlist is working for me, so I'm not sure!


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