Monday, April 8, 2019

The Seventh Annual Spook Show Halloween Festival

Ghouls and boils, this past Saturday I attended one of my favorite spooky spring-time events, Spook Show! This Halloween festival gathers some incredible vendors, entertainers, and Halloween-lovers together to celebrate Halloween in spring at the Halloween Club located in La Mirada, California. It definitely gives the spooky kids something to look forward to in springtime, when most eerie events are few and far between. Want a peek at my past years' coverage? Check it out past Halloween Club Spook Shows from 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015!

This year was their biggest event yet, with so many new and amazing vendors, plus performances from musical acts as well as other performers and presentations. In addition to all the vendors offering horror and Halloween-themed items, the Halloween Club itself had a massive warehouse sale with hugely discounted props, decor, and more!

I had such a blast at this year's Spook Show 7 - I got to see so many fiendish friends, meet so many ghastly ghouls and boils, and of course shop 'til I dropped! I also partnered with some rad vendors and will be hosting a giveaway this week over on my Instagram, so stay tuned over there for details on how you can win a prize pack from Spook Show!

And now, for some photos from the event:

 One of my favorite vendors, Black Willow Gallery, were selling
Sophi Reaptress skull bath bombs! So happy I snagged one!

Little Haus of Horrors always has the best stuff! 
Loved these adorable earrings!

Michael decided to join the festivities as well!

 Rad Coffee was there slinging caffeinated beverages to spooky kids

 Cute and spooky pins and prints from Ginnakae Illustration

This little ghoul's Annabelle cosplay was so on-point! And she didn't
break character at all! Her parents wheeled her around while she 
rocked back and forth on the rocking chair. Bravo, little ghoul!

 The incredible artwork of Owen Klaas, aka Fiendish Thingies

 Creepy creations and masks by Inferno Effects

Props inside the Halloween Club were way discounted, like this slinky

 Crude Inc. art and tees (I really wanted that horror movie slashers tee)!

 Adorable little plushies by The Art of Rizzo Michelle

The old lady from Insidious was creeping around the West Coast Coffins booth

Coffin coffee table with glass top by West Coast Coffins

The most adorable Sam at Monster Posse's booth (one of my fave booths!!)

 Prettiest booth goes to Haunted Manor, who had all manner of gorgeous items!

 Best tee - this Craft-inspired one by Lady Moon Co.!

Spooky scarecrows

Lively Ghosts and their adorable pins and pin boards!

 Discount Cemetery had some rad tees! Wish I snagged one!

 Adorable plushies by Bat's Crafts

The astounding Auzzy Blood puts on a side show for attendees!

 I love Save the Panduhs! Such amazing mash-ups of different characters!

 This "Time Out" chair for sale was adorable and hilarious!

 More wicked masks from Inferno Effects

An adorable Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas

 I adored this art inspired by the social media / dating app profiles of
slashers by Mounier Art!

 Look at these cute little lights by Gloomy Globes

 Loved this darling Wednesday doll by Colorful Bones 
(aka artist Jazmin Molina)

One of the many clowns roaming around Spook Show, 
spreading cheer and fear

So many spooky creeps made it out to the Spook Show this year!
I think it was their highest-attended one yet!

This spooky on stilts was my fave! So very creepy in every wonderful way!

 I finally got to see Nancy Nightmare and the Wizard perform and they put
on such a fun, energetic show! They sounded great and really connected
with the audience. I can't wait to see them perform again!

 Ahhhh and this was my haul! Ummmm, I went a little crazy this year!
Vendors tagged below...

I ended up coming home with way more than I planned to, I just got so excited at all the incredible vendors who were there!! I will attempt to list all the spooktacular vendors I purchase items from below:
  • Leatherface NECA collectible and Texas Chainsaw Massacre lunchbox from Dark Parks Books and Collectibles
  • Leatherface "Bubba" Grindr profile poster from Mounier Art
  • "Spooky Forever" ghost hoop art and "True Crime and Cats" sticker from Little Spooky Studio
  • Original hand-painted coffin and original green gravestones/orange moon on wood by Meagan Meli
  • Stench Reducer Body Spray in "Gravedigger", "Absinthe and Sugar" incense, and perfume oil in "Coffin Candy" scent from BloodBath
  • "El Carnicero" Leatherface prayer candle (I also got a patch with the same design), and various car fresheners (Sam from Trick 'r Treat pictured) from Monster Posse 
  • Sam from Trick 'r Treat plushie from Rizzo Michelle
  • Sam's lollipop hoop art/pin board from VOIDEaD
  • "I Love Spooky" and Sam's lollipop keychain from Lucky Hellcat
  • "Spooky" heart, jack-o-lantern heart, and "Dead but Delicious" stickers (plus a few more I couldn't fit in the pic) from Dulce Calaveritas
  • At Rest socks by KMSxCo
  • Bloody knife necklace and orange with black cats necklace from Frightwares
  • Jack-o-lantern wax melts from Tabatha's Cauldron
  • Skull bath bomb by Sophi Reaptress from Black Willow Gallery's booth
  • Stay Spooky pins (not pictured) by Ashes to Ashes FX

I think I got everyone I purchased things from! I like posting the vendors so if you see something you like you can order it online from them. I want you to be able to take part in the Halloween fun in springtime even if you weren't able to attend Spook Show! Which is why I have partnered with some fantastic vendors and am putting together a prize pack of items I collected at this year's Spook Show for one very lucky winner! You definitely don't want to miss this giveaway that will be unveiled later this week on my Instagram!

Stay spooky, my creeps, and Happy Springoween!

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