Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Halloween 2019 at Fred Meyer

We don't have Fred Meyer grocery stores in California, so when we were up in Oregon recently we popped into one to grab some water and snacks and were surprised at how huge they are! I also had no idea they had a Halloween decor, which I quickly gravitated towards and was delighted to find they had a ton of! I didn't buy anything, but had a blast browsing their sprawling Halloween section. I can't wait to get back up there and get back into a Fred Meyer (they also had a ton of vegan options in the grocery section of the store!).

Here are all the Halloween goodies I spotted in Fred Meyer:

Loved this adorable little black cats in jack-o-lanterns!

These gargoyles were super weird!

Huge Halloween display filled with adorable things!

Black cats, candy corn trees, and spooky succulents. Plus a little bat trailer

If you're into the whole pastel aesthetic, here are some pumpkins for you.

These plushies were so cute and squeezable!

Love the candy corn colored jack-o-lanterns!


All black decor

Loved this color-changing jack-o-lantern! He was huge, too!

Those black cat pumpkins!!

Light up zombie heads

Have you picked up anything from Fred Meyer this spooky season?? I'm so happy I have a new haunt to check out for Halloween goodies - and I may be back soon to pick up a few things!

Stay spooky!


  1. Those are yoga gargoyles. Too cute!

  2. Wow - they have really cool stuff!

  3. FM used to be much better than it is too. Before it became Kroger. Glad you had fun poking around.


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