Friday, September 27, 2019

Vegan Halloween Pins + Stickers from Vegan Power

Spooky Vegans unite! I am so stoked that Vegan Power Co. has added a "Spooky Vegan" pin and sticker to their Halloween collection this year! They have brought back their "Creepy Vegan" design, as well as adding an "Evil Vegan" one this year, too! Which one are you - spooky, creepy, or evil?

Vegan Power Co. was kind enough to send me their Halloween pins and stickers and I absolutely love them! Show your dark side and grab yours today (while they last) from Vegan Power Co.!

In case you need some extra incentive to grab these Halloween designs, here is some additional information on the pins and stickers. The pins are double-posted and made with soft enamel. They include two rubber backings with optional locking backings upgrade. Each pin comes on a limited edition, Halloween-inspired backing card. The Spooky Vegan pin glows in the dark! Get them HERE!

The stickers are die-cut, high quality vinyl stickers that are also water resistant and are coated with a special UV laminate that protects them against sun damage like fading, cracking, and peeling. They are also really large in size, making them perfect for use on your car, water bottles, laptop, and so on! The Halloween stickers include "Spooky Vegan," "Creepy Vegan," and "Evil Vegan" designs - collect them all!

Vegan Power Co. is a woman-owned and -run company based in Los Angeles and they have so many incredible and adorable designs!! If you are looking to add some vegan flair to your style, look no further than Vegan Power Co. for accessories like enamel pins, stickers, t-shirts, totes, patches, and more! And I love that the owner loves horror and Halloween and makes eerie accessories for us spookies! Go check them out on Etsy, and also give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook!

Stay spooky!

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