Friday, November 22, 2019

Imperfect Foods Subscription Box Review

After moving to Seattle, one of the first things I did was re-start my Imperfect Foods subscription box! I had been without it for a few months while in the middle of the move, and I missed it so much! I originally started my subscription in 2017 (read my then review of the box HERE), loved it and been a big supporter of Imperfect ever since! Not only am I getting fresh produce and pantry staples straight to my door, but with every box I am helping to fight food waste.

You see, Imperfect sources produce with minor cosmetic imperfections that would otherwise be discarded by grocery stores as well as other groceries that are short-coded, have a label change, or some other reason they aren't able to be stocked in stores. In providing what most would consider "unusable," Imperfect helps support farmers by helping them sell more of what they grow, helps save product, water, land, and labor from going to waste, advocates that fresh fruit and veggies be affordable and accessible for everyone, and embraces beauty in all shapes, sizes, and colors!

Some of the yummy foods (all vegan) included in my last Imperfect box
including Clif bars, crackers, chips, farro, tea, pasta, Califia Pumpkin
Spice creamer, TCHO drinking chocolate, Bitchin' sauce and artichoke
dip, Alter Eco Chocolate bar, Miyoko's cream cheese, Parmella's Nut
Cheese Alfredo, jam, Field Roast sausage, pasta, and more!

I love all the work that Imperfect is doing to make our world a better place, but I also love how they are now offering pantry staples, refrigerated items, and so many more groceries at discounts up to 30% off grocery store prices. I have been able to score so many fantastic vegan items in the Imperfect box lately, like Field Roast burgers and Chao cheese, salad dressings and other condiments, Upton's seitan bacon and jackfruit, chips, cereal, Dave's Killer Bread and bagels, oatmeal, grains, kombucha, coffee drinks, Califia Farms' Oat Milk, and so much more!

Imperfect Foods has really grown since I first joined, and I'm still proud to support them and their crusade against food waste. They are now available in 25 cities across the United States (with more being added) and are making such an amazing impact in the food industry. I also love how easy it is to sign up and manage your delivery on their website.

So many great items in my last Imperfect Box (minus the produce - I already 
ate all of it!). Everything pictured is vegan! Some things included pizza crust, 
Clif bars, cookies, crackers, chips, pasta, grains, tea, Miyoko's cream cheese,
Field Roast breakfast sausages, Annie's gummies, tortillas, Bitchin' sauce and
artichoke dip, TCHO drinking chocolate, Upton's seitan bacon, Chao cheese,
instant ramen, apple chips, and chocolate bars!

You can choose how often you want your box (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and how large of a box you want. I also love how easy and fun the ordering process is! A few days before your delivery day, you can choose exactly what goes into your box. Every time there is fresh new fruit, vegetables, and grocery items to choose from and you can order as little or as much as you like. Then everything gets delivered right to your door during a specified time frame that you specify on your delivery day. It is all so easy and I can't believe I didn't start an Imperfect box subscription sooner.

With the holidays coming up, the Imperfect Foods box will make your life so much easier. You can get food delivered right to your door, so no more rushing to the store or fighting the crowds during the busy holiday season! Without having to go to the store (or at least reducing how often you go), you can spend your time with family or on more important things, plus you will save money as well!

Last month's Imperfect box!

This holiday season and beyond, save money, feel good about the food you are putting in your body, help fight food waste, spend less time at the grocery store so that you can focus on doing more of what you love by signing up for your Imperfect box.

Right now, you can save $10 on your first Imperfect Foods' box by signing up with my referral link!

Stay spooky!

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  1. They do not deliver to my neck of the woods but I am always interested in ways to reduce food waste. About 1 1/2 months ago I went vegan after watching "The Game Changers" - so far so good! I am doing a lot of cooking though.


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