Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Batfit 2012 Challenge #1: Journals

I'll be participating in Batfit 2012 this year with a bunch of fellow spooky bloggers who want to get in shape, be it physically or mentally (or both!). You can read all about the challenge on Le Professeur Gothique's blog or on the Facebook page (and even join in if you are so inclined)!

Anywho, our first challenge was to pick out journals where we can record our goals, our progress and our pitfalls. I found the cutest journals at Whole Foods that are eco-friendly and printed on recycled paper. And I just love the key motive and the message of unlocking dreams on the cover. Here are a few pics:

I am a few days late in starting to write in my journal, but I hope to start tonight!! My first task is to write about my goals for 2012...easy peasy, I did that yesterday.  Haha...perhaps I will "backdate" my journal! 

The second task was to write about what I consider to be "healthy" or "good health". To me, to be healthy means being strong and resilient, both mentally and physically. This year I plan to work on being strong inside and out! This includes eating more whole foods and avoiding processed foods and vegan junk food, re-incorporating exercise into my daily routine (and hopefully making it fun!!) and working on my stress/anxiety issues and being a more positive, happy person overall! You can read more in-depth about these resolutions here!

Being vegan is also a big part of being healthy to me (as long as it is done right), and hopefully I can share some healthy and yummy recipes to inspire you to adopt a healthier (not to mention more compassionate), plant-based way of life!

I'm hopeful that the sense of community will keep us all accountable and help us achieve our goals. I'm thankful for all those participating...you all inspire me and I couldn't ask for better company!

Thank you for sharing my journey to health this year and I look forward to cheering you on if you participate as well!


  1. ...Hmm...This is looking more and more interesting as I've seen more blog entries on it...Maybe...maybe I'll try it, too...

  2. Sounds like fun and a great way to keep up the motivation. Good luck to you in all of your endeavors :]

    I look forward to the recipes -- as you read on my blog, I want to replace a meal a week :]

  3. Thanks for sharing this.....hubby and I have been vegetarian for a really long time....but looking into vegan recipes for health reasons....share away...please!!! :)


  4. I would love to learn how to eat a more plant based diet but have absolultey no idea where to start. I can only imagine the resistance I would get in my household. Would it be OK if I "lurked and learned". Good luck on your endeavor!!

  5. What a beautiful book to write in. I think your goals are great. Exercise is always good for the health. I'm not a vegan but I love vegetables and I try to eat more of them. Always a fresh salad for every meal.


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