Friday, January 20, 2012

Still Sick and an Unhappy Birthday

I've been battling a nasty flu bug since last Sunday and this whole week has been a wash. I usually never catch the flu, but with nearly everyone at my work coming down with this particularly virulent strain, I couldn't avoid catching it. So I've been pretty useless and miserable this whole week.

To top it all off, I had to cancel my birthday party plans (kind of an "official" celebration since most of my friends missed out on the Hicksville excursion) for this weekend since I am so deathly ill. I am super bummed since it was a milestone birthday and I'm going to miss out having a special day all about me (we didn't really have a birthday celebration for me while we were in Hicksville). Plus, this birthday meant a lot to me and I feel it didn't get the acknowledgement it deserved from my friends. I know this probably sounds like I'm just throwing a pity party for myself, but I'm still very hurt and disappointed with how everything turned out.

Oh well...Mister Spooky and I are throwing our own intimate birthday party this weekend (flu or not!). We plan to get take-out at Native Foods and spend the night watching horror movies and toasting my foray into my (eek) 30s!

Morrissey is here to wish me a very unhappy birthday

Happy birthday to me, dammit!


  1. Aw :/ I'm sorry it didn't go as well as you wanted. You're not throwing yourself a pity party, birthdays are important especially milestone ones! Hope you have a better one next year :)

  2. Aw honey! :( I hope that you feel better soon. Declare that the rest of the month is your Birthday Month. Period end of case. And the declare that when you feel better there will be a party that you expect everyone to attend. There's always something going on around my birthday -- June 16 -- because it's so damned close to Father's Day and the beginning of school holidays. In response I've made it a habit to declare the entire month MINE ... this actually started by declaring the entire week. HELLZ YEAH!

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!

  3. That's a total bummer! Try to make the best of it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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