Sunday, July 21, 2013

First Halloween Displays of 2013 Spotted at Michael's!

I've spotted my first Halloween items of 2013! The arts and crafts store Michael's has started setting up their 2013 Halloween displays and has some gothic Halloween decor out, as well as faux fall foliage and Halloween party favors, games and arts and crafts already on its shelves. They had many items decorated with skulls and owls in silver, purple and black (seems this is Michael's favorite color palette to use in recent years) and a few "leftover" items from last year.

I can't wait until they put out more, but for now here are photos of Halloween items the Michael's store in Costa Mesa, California had on its shelves:

I loved the metal signs with the skeletons on them! 
The mirror in the upper right hand corner was lovely as well!

 Purple, black and silver...getting a little tired of this color palette

 I really liked these hurricane candle holders with the skull on them.
They felt a little cheap if you touched them, but nevertheless 
they looked great!

 Lottsa candle holders - from chandeliers to hurricane candle 
holders to skull votives and more!

Beautiful owl decoration and hurricane candle votive

 Endcap full of skulls, owls, potion bottles and spell boxes

Bat decals, wall decorations, wooden sugar skull, skeletons, etc. to paint, 
and some goofy Halloween games/party favors

I'm so excited to finally see Halloween items in stores! I can't wait for October!

Have you spotted any Halloween displays yet? 


  1. I stopped by mine today and bought that black candelabrum with the beads and some party favors. I excitedly told the clerk how happy I was to getting ready for Halloween and thanked them for having their stuff out. (I know the grunts have nothing to do with when the stuff gets put out, but I still wanted my appreciation to be known.)

    Now I need to pick a costume! This gets harder every year.

  2. I wish Halloween was bigger here, you guys get such cool stuff!

  3. Wow so much stuff! I bought the skeleton picture a little while ago. My Michaels only has a tiny display so far, but I can't wait to see what other stuff they put out!


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