Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How to Keep the Halloween Spirit Alive Year-Round

I've seen a lot of articles with the dreary titles "How to Recover from Halloween" or "How to Cope with Post-Halloween Depression" and so on, and every time I see one of these I roll my eyes, because there is a better way to avoid sad feelings about Halloween being over! For some of us spooky folk, Halloween never has to end, because it can be everyday for us! Let me show you how...

How to Keep the Halloween Spirit Alive Year-Round!

1. You don't have to put away all your Halloween decorations - why not keep a Halloween house all year-round? You probably won't be able to leave those tombstones out in the front yard, but you can still keep creep the inside spooky with some favorite Halloween decor! Maybe some well-placed knick-knacks on shelves, or some orange lights kept up. You could even keep using Halloween kitchenware! My house is a little extra-spooky all the time as I have Halloween-themed artwork on the walls, plenty of creepy-cute knick-knacks, and even Halloween-esque pillows and throws I use all the time. I say if it makes you happy, leave it out!

2. You can watch your favorite Halloween/horror movies anytime you want - Bust out with Hocus Pocus in March, it's perfectly okay! And horror movies aren't exclusive to October - check out all the awesome ones they have on Netflix (for ideas, you could check out my Netflix streaming recommendations!) or even head out to a theater to check out the latest horror movie release.

3. You can listen to Halloween music whenever you want - If you want a jolt of that Halloween spirit, turn on some Halloween music! I love all the various mix tapes you can find on 8tracks, and there is such a huge variety of Halloween playlists on there! There is everything from nostalgic Halloween classics to punk Halloween to goth Halloween to 1920s Halloween playlists! Such good stuff - don't limit yourself to just listening to these tunes leading up to Halloween.

4. Read some scary stories in the dark - Read some horror novels or even Halloween-themed reads (I got you covered with recommendations HERE and HERE) or, just check out NoSleep on Reddit for reader-submitted stories to give you the chills!

5. Make some creepy food - Bug Bites and Haunted Pizza are good any time of year!

6. Check out sites/blogs/etc. that stay spooky all year-round - There are also lots of blogging events that infuse the Halloween spirit into other months/holidays! Hallowvember is happening now, and Creepmas is right around the corner!

7. That being said, why not keep it creepy for other holidays - Christmas is easy and you can decorate a Halloween tree, but try to spread the Halloween cheer to other holidays/seasons as well! I love carving watermelon jack-o-lanterns in summertime, and the Easter bunny can certainly be terrifying!

8. Host a costume party - Why not make your next party a costume party so you and your guests can wear Halloween costumes again?! I've done it for New Year's and my birthday, and it is always great fun! I like picking a specific theme, like a masquerade party or zombie prom or gothic characters, to give everyone an idea of how to dress, just like a regular Halloween party.

9. Use leftover Halloween cards to send to friends and family throughout the year - There's no reason why you can't spread Halloween cheer to everyone year-round!

10. Burn Halloween-scented candles or wax melts - Keep your home smelling like the pumpkin patch, burning leaves and crisp air all year! Just pick up some autumn scented candles or wax melts.

11. If all else fails, it's never too early to start planning for next year!

So don't let post-Halloween depression get you down, and try these tips for keeping the Halloween spirit alive year-round!


  1. our house has spooky art work and decorations year around - even in the bathroom! it is a big part of who we are so why put it away?

    i might do creepmas this year! i want to make some things with the loot i bought in October! i want to exchange creepmas card!

  2. I absolutely love this list! I always get a little joy in reusing some of my Halloween decor throughout my apartment during the year.

  3. It's Halloween every day in my house!


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