Friday, November 13, 2015

Food Review: Daiya Deluxe Cheezy Mac

Daiya Deluxe Cheddar Style Cheezy Mac

Just a year or so ago, vegans didn't have many options for cruelty-free mac and cheese. We had the delicious frozen mac and cheese from Amy's [review], but the first boxed vegan mac and cheese that was decent was Earth Balance's version [review], released just last year in 2014! After that, many new vegan mac and cheese options have hit the market, including Daiya's three different types. I had tried this kind at Expo West (read about my initial thoughts on it HERE), so I was ecstatic when it finally hit shelves.

Daiya's Cheezy Mac is different from other brands' mac and cheeses as it comes with a packet of cheezy sauce and instead of powdered cheese mix, so you don't need to add any non-dairy milk or vegan butter to make it. Everything you need (macaroni pasta and cheezy sauce) are included in the box it comes in. 

Everything you need is in the box!

There are three different flavors of Cheezy Mac offered by Daiya: Deluxe Cheddar Style, Deluxe Alfredo Style, and Deluxe White Cheddar Style Veggie. I've tried all three, and I can confidently say they are all delicious! My favorite of the three is the cheddar style, though I really love the alfredo and veggie styles, too! 

As I mentioned earlier, I had tried this at Expo, but couldn't wait to make it myself! I bought it at Whole Foods for around $6. Yes, it is one of the pricier mac and cheeses, but its flavor and consistency makes the cost well worth it! Plus, as mentioned above, you don't need to add anything else when making this Cheezy Mac, just the pasta and sauce packet included in the box! It is so convenient and easy to make, and reminds me of my pre-vegan days in college when I ate Velveeta's shells and cheese. To prepare, you just boil water, add pasta, drain, then add the cheezy sauce packet. So simple and it comes out so good! Now I can have the same nostalgic Velveeta experience without all the cruelty and without gross ingredients! Woo hoo! 

Daiya's Deluxe Cheddar Style Cheezy Mac topped with salt, pepper, and
Ninja Squirrel Sriracha! 

The consistency of the Cheezy Mac is incredible - the pasta is gluten-free, however it doesn't come out gummy like some brands and has a great texture and flavor! And the cheezy sauce...DAMN! That stuff is on-point and so freaking' good - I was scraping the sides of the pot and licking the spoon to try and get every last drop of deliciousness! 

The Daiya Cheezy Mac is my favorite vegan mac and cheese I've tried thus far. I really like the Earth Balance version [review], but this Deluxe Cheezy Mac has definitely raised the bar on vegan mac and cheese! Whenever I'm looking for comfort food, I'll definitely be turning to Daiya's mac! 

For more info, you can visit Daiya's website!


  1. I tried it too and maybe am just over the unique daiya flavor? Need a can of chili fo sho but glad u liked it.

  2. Tried Alfredo style and it was super tasty!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Agreed - tho I consider Earth Balance's mac and cheese the first of the "new wave" of boxed mac and cheese. All the stuff before it was pretty gross!

      Definitely give Pastariso a try - it's pretty good!

  4. the cheddar mac does not have that strange daiya flavor the other commenter referred to...the other flavors do... i agree best pre-made vegan mac-n-cheese. i add red chile' powder and nooch...

  5. Tried the white cheddar and veggie and was not a fan :( The noodles were probably the best part, Haha. Flavour was not amazing :S Consistency seemed good and then partway through eating found something super hard in it (?!). No idea what it was, but hurt to bite down on :( Couldn't bring myself to finish the bowl after that, yikes.

  6. It's my favorite go to for that typical comfort food of Mac and Cheese. Plus the spicy "cheese" sauce is excellent when I make Vegan Mexibowls at home! Love it!!! So does the family.


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