Wednesday, July 13, 2016

First Halloween Items of 2016 Spotted at Michael's

The beginning of Halloween at Michael's!

I popped into Michael's last night to look for some artsy craftsy stuff and was thrilled to find they had started putting out some of their autumn and Halloween decor! There was lots of fall foliage out, plus pumpkins, scarecrows, and an entire aisle of Halloween decor! Take a look at some of the first Halloween items of 2016 I spotted below:

 Beautiful fall foliage and pumpkins everywhere!

 Pumpkins = love!

 Autumn has the best color palette!

Full-sized skellies and lots of home goods! 

They had these great skull pillows, which also came in other 
designs like a raven. 

Lots of gold and platinum skulls. 

Witchy wreaths and gothic decor! 

 More elegant goth decor!

Loved the spider lantern and the bat candle, plus some boo-tiful 
bottles on the right. 

More pretties! 

Skulls everywhere! Those drink dispensers were so cool I picked one up 
(with a 40% coupon - check their app/website for coupons!).  

Gorgeous gold and black jars!

I can't wait to see what else Michael's stocks over the coming weeks! And YAY for my favorite season popping up in stores! I am so excited for summer to end and for the Halloween season to start!

Has your local Michael's store started putting out their autumn and Halloween merchandise yet?

Stay Spooky!


  1. This stuff is soo awesome! Would love to go Halloween-shopping in the US.

  2. Woot! While I'm super excited, I am also wishing time would slow down a bit. I am about to start my first year of teaching and I need more time to prepare. Haha!

    1. Oooooooh that's exciting!! But I know what you mean...can't believe it is already mid-July! Best of luck, you'll do awesome!

  3. I finally found Michael's goodies at a store 20+ miles from me this weekend - there's a furry black and white skull pillow that I'm pretty sure is going to be mine. :)

  4. i bought a few bug things already! i am glad they have a different beetle on the votive holders than last year for my creepy bug collection!


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