Saturday, August 27, 2016

Halloween 2016 at Homegoods (Part 2)

After checking out the Halloween goodies at TJ Maxx/Homegoods a few weeks ago (check out pics from my first visit HERE!), I headed back yesterday to see if they had any new items. I'm trying to not buy as much Halloween stuff this year, which is why I've kept my Halloween shopping to a minimum, however, I just couldn't stay away from Homegoods' expansive Halloween selection! And I wasn't disappointed with my second trip there - they had aisles of new products out, including lots more knick-knacks and lots of different kitchen items.

You can browse the photos I took of their selection below:

Boo-tiful aisles of Halloween products!

 If only I had the space to give a home to all these creepy cuties!

 My location has lots of headless horseman statues (lower left). I also love
the Bride of Frankenstein candy holder in the lower right-hand corner!

Those witchy silhouettes are spooktacular!

 Seriously want to buy all these stacked pumpkins that light up so I can
create my own pumpkin patch in my living room!

 Frankenstein's monster busts, skulls, witches, pumpkins, black cats,
and more! So much to look at!

 These busts were so fang-tastic!

 Really want that stack of white pumpkins!

 The witch's brew vending machine and Halloween jackpot were adorable!

 This gold bat candelabra is everything!

 Neat trick or treat framed art.

 More headless horsemen statuettes. 

 So many amazing plates, cookie jars, cups, platters, etc.!

Gimme all the orange and black!

I ended up picking up a few things - a neat trick or treat mirror that will match a similar mirror I already have, some coffin-shaped boxes that have bat handles on them, a new mug for work that features a haunted mansion and spooky graveyard scene, and some jack-o-lantern washcloths (the other stuff in the photo below is from Target - separate post coming soon).

Halloween haul from Homegoods and Target 
(separate Target post coming soon!)

How is your Halloween shopping going? Has your Homegoods stocked their shelves yet?

Until next time, stay spooky!

Want more? Check out my first post on Homegoods' Halloween items!

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