Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Halloween 2016 at Marshalls

Orange alert!

When a friend posted her Halloween haul from Marshalls, I knew I had to pop in and have a look to see if I could score some goodies like she did! I was really hoping to find the Halloween fuzzy blankets that I've seen a few people post, but unfortunately my Marshalls didn't have those (wahhhh!). However, they did have a few aisles of Halloween stuff and picking through all that I found some fun stuff! I took pics of their selection so I could share it with you here; check out Marshalls' Halloween 2016 selection below:

 I loved that they had so many mugs! I looooove mugs!

 I told myself I was only allowed one Halloween mug this year, but I've 
already broken that rule, oops! Some of these were just too cute to pass up!

 These Dia de los Muertos glasses were pretty neat!

 These golden goblets were all witch themed.

 Pretty wineglasses and an adorable black cat in a pumpkin decoration!

 Creepy witch carvings and a spooky tree!

 Tons of kitchen towels, pillows, tablecloths, and placemats!

 Everything was piled willy-nilly, but if you did some digging you could 
find some treasures!

 White and silver sure are a stark contrast from all the orange and black!

 More skulls...lots of skulls!

 Really loved these pumpkin stacks! And the little pumpkin girl looks like
a character straight out of Pottsfield from Over the Garden Wall!

 This jack-o-lantern couple in a snowglobe was so cute! And they had the
headless horseman statuette, too!

 More skeletons!

 More adorable mugs! I wanted them all!

 Pretty much in love with all pumpkin stacks everywhere!

 That haunted house cookie jar was so perfect!

Here is my little haul from Marshalls - light-up pumpkin stack, batty mug, set
of bowls, jack-o-lantern mug, jack-o-lantern plate, and cobweb placemats!

Have you haunted the aisles of your local Marshalls store yet? Find anything good? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, stay spooky!

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