Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Occult Activity Book Returns with Volume Two

The Occult Activity Book is back, and bigger and better than ever! The first volume was filled with wonderfully dark art and activities, and the second is packed with even more! In fact, this new volume has doubled in size and it is bristling with 52 pages of gore-geous artwork, eerie activities, gruesome games, and all sorts of fiendish fun! Where else can you immerse yourself in activities like Mad Libs-inspired incantations, building your own papercraft coven, solving the sexiest occult-themed crossword puzzle ever, mastering macabre mazes, learning about the Gilles de Rais, Ed and Lorraine Warren, Madame Blavatsky (and more) while coloring in their illustrations, testing your knowledge of the esoteric, all the while listening to a hand-crafted witchy playlist?

The Occult Activity Book Volume Two is indeed a treat for those that ascribe to a darker path and want to indulge in some soothing "me" time to explore the mysteries of the unknown. Many of the same contributors from the first volume have returned, with this second volume featuring illustrations and word magic by Alex Kievsky, Carisa Swenson, Dana Glover, Dan Bythewood, EC Steiner, Heather Drain, Jack W. Shear, Tenebrous Kate, Laurel Barickman, Sonya Vatomsky, and its two creators S. Elizabeth and Becky Munich.

I was graciously offered a Deluxe version for review, which was accompanied by one 5" x 7" art print on gray-toned paper; two, 1.25" round occult pin-back button designs from artist EC Steiner; one 3" x 4" temporary tattoo sheet, featuring seven designs; a 3" x 2.75" heart shaped sticker representing Death and the Maiden; and one, 2" x 6", two-sided witch-themed bookmark. The activity book itself is 52 black and white pages contained within a 6" x 9" color cover.

The book opens with a listing of songs from the previously mentioned playlist curated by co-creator S. Elizabeth (who is well-known for her impeccable playlists). I loved listening to this playlist while perusing the pages of this book and I thought it was a very thoughtful touch. The music really does conjure up the proper mystical mood in order to immerse yourself completely (you can listen to the playlist now HERE)!

As was the case with the first book, this one has beautiful illustrations (some are so pretty I almost don't want to color them in!), and I love the addition of papercrafts (complete with patterns you can copy and print out). The papercrafts make for wonderful hands-on activities when you need a respite from coloring.

I also adore the historical information about various members involved in the occult, from Madame Blavatsky to Rasputin's penis (which is supposedly on display at the museum of Russian erotica). In addition, the ghoulish games and eerie activities will keep you entertained well into the witching hour, as will the bewitching poems and other readings contained in the book.

Unfortunately, due to its popularity Volume Two sold out in record time (as did Volume One). However, there may still be a few giveaways going on for The Occult Activity Book, so enter those if you weren't able to conjure up a copy of this phantasmagorical book! And, since both volumes have been so popular, I suspect there will be additional versions released in the future.

Freaky, cheeky, and creepy - The Occult Activity Book is an extraordinarily enjoyable way to spend the dark hours and I sincerely hope you were able to grab a copy. If not, check back regularly on the Munich Art Studio and Unquiet Things sites for (fingers crossed) any new volumes that are released!

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  1. Mad Libs-inspired incantations, witchy window decals, and BUTTONS?!
    I need more freaky, cheeky, and creepy in my life!!!


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