Saturday, October 1, 2016

Autumn 2016 Bucket List

Can you believe October 1st is already here?! It's unbelievable how fast it crept up on me this year, especially when I want to savor each magical fall moment (even though it's been in the 80s and 90s the past week, wah!).

Per tradition, October 1st kicks off 31 Days of Halloween, an event hosted by Countdown to Halloween and one I've been participating in since 2010! The gist is that I will publish a Halloween-related post daily (or as close to daily as possible) for the month of October. I'll be sharing all sorts of ghoulish goodies this year, including eerie entertainment recommendations, morbid music to set the stage for spookiness, rancid recipes, dreadful decorations, and much more! Join me...if you dare!

To kick off the 31 Days of Halloween, I have a custom of sharing my annual autumn bucket list on the first day of October. It serves as a running to-do list for me and keeps me from losing my head this macabre month! I'm looking forward to a low-key celebration this month, but plan on squeezing in lots of autumn and Halloweenie fun! Below is what I hope to accomplish...

My Autumn 2016 Bucket List

Pic from last year's Halloween Leftovers post!

-Visit pumpkin patches
-Watch as many horror movies or spooky-themed movies as possible via Netflix, on DVD, etc.
-Smell like Halloween - find some cruelty-free, vegan scents so I can smell like burning leaves
-See some new horror movies in theaters

Pic from last year's Halloween Leftovers post!

-Go to a haunted house, haunt or hayride
-Try new vegan autumn recipes
-Find some creepy-cool new goodies on Etsy
-Eat as many pumpkin-based foods (that are vegan) as possible

-Send Halloween cards to friends and family
-Drink apple cider/pumpkin tea
-Score some cute new Halloween clothes or accessories
-Bake muffins, bread, scones, cookies, etc. in autumn flavors (pumpkin everything!)

-Make creepy and/or creepy cute Halloween foods
-Wear scarves, boots, sweaters (quite the challenge in SoCal)
-Complete a Halloween craft project
-Watch old school Halloween-themed movies, TV shows, specials, etc. that I may not have seen yet

From last year's Big Lots Halloween post!

-Hit up the big box stores for Halloween goodies
-Make my home smell like pumpkin spice 24/7 with essential oils
-Buy a new cozy Halloween blanket
-Visit a place that actually FEELS like autumn, where I can crunch in the fallen leaves and feel a cool autumn breeze

Pic from last year's Halloween Leftovers post!

-Carve pumpkins
-Decorate my front yard
-Visit some historical cemeteries
-Host a pumpkin carving party or horror movie night

-Crank up the Halloween music
-Hand out vegan candy to trick or treaters
-Come up with a costume to wear on Halloween night
-Decorate the house even MORE than usual

-Read The Halloween Tree and other Halloween-themed stories/books
-Watch Halloween cartoons
-Paint my nails orange and black
-Go to a Halloween-themed play, concert, etc.

-See the Halloween display at Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach
-Roast pumpkin seeds
-Complete the 31 Days of Halloween

Not a lot of events on my bucket list, but I like simple autumns where I can sit back and enjoy the season rather than running around trying to cram in everything in such a limited amount of time. Still, it's gonna be a great month and I can't wait to share it with you!

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What are your plans this October?


  1. Thank you so much!!! Her stuff looks incredible! <3

  2. Heck YES to smelling like burning leaves! :) And I see you just posted about that today - looking forward to checking it out.


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