Monday, August 28, 2017

Halloween 2017 at Dollar Tree

Halloween 2017 at Dollar Tree

I went on a big Halloween hunt this past weekend, and one of the stores I visited was Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree usually has some pretty great Halloween stuff for a dollar (sometimes less!). I especially love their greeting card section that has a wide variety of designs, from funny to cutesy to nostalgic. This year they also have some fun light-up ghosts and witches, plus tons of other great decor.

Take a peek at what my Dollar Tree had in stock below:

 Window clings and some hanging decor - I was sad the pumpkins were doused
in glitter. Glitter seriously needs to be banned on Halloween things. 

Autumn plates, platters, napkins, bowls, and mugs 

 More hanging decor and window clings

 Mirror clings, gothic skull mirrors, spooky cloth

 Sugar skull wooden signs plus way too much glitter for Halloween :(

 Festive garlands

 Cute black cat bowls - I bought something similar at Target a few years ago, 
and while these weren't the best quality they were really adorable!

 Small Halloween pails

 Tablecloths, chair covers, cups, ice molds, and hanging decor

 Eyeballs, Halloween beads, stickers, and other odds and ends


 My favorite section - Halloween cards!

 Pumpkin carving tools and decor

 Kitchen towels and potholders

 Halloween headbands and costume accessories

 Halloween crafts

 Halloween lights - LED lanterns, ghosts, witches, and tealights

Trick or treat bags

What are your Halloween favorites from Dollar Tree this year?

Stay spooky, fiends!


  1. Oh lordy, the glitter! I'm right there with you- it needs to go. Also hate that it gets everywhere...
    they don't calm it "craft herpes" for nothin!

  2. Massive! Our store does not even have half of that stuff!

  3. They put the Glitter in just for Human Magpies such as myself, sorry... it's True! *winks*

  4. I can't stand glitter. So glad I have all boys 😜. Did they by chance gave an owl mask? Nothing fancy just need one for my son. I ordered one and it should be here before Halloween. But he has a Halloween birthday party this weekend and I need a quick cheap owl mask lol

    1. I didn't see anything like an owl mask when I was there. Yes, all glitter needs to be banned from Halloween!


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