Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Halloween 2017 at Target's Dollar Spot

My face when I see Halloween stuff in stores, LOL! How adorable is this 
little dude?!

UPDATE: Target now has their entire Halloween collection out in stores! Check out the goods HERE!

I went to Target over the weekend and only found some Halloween tees (check them out HERE!), but no luck in their Dollar Spot section for Halloween stuff. However, I went again yesterday and they had put so many Halloween items out in their dollar section, I basically jumped for joy! Ok, it was more internal squealing, but either way I was STOKED!

Last year's Dollar Spot had a more gothic feel with its black filigree mirrors and glass artwork (see some pieces of that HERE), but this year is a lot more colorful and playful, and seems to be geared more towards kids than goths (or inner goths). While the more colorful Halloweenie things aren't really my style, the designs are still super adorable and I like what they have so far this year.

Take a peek at some of the goodies you can find at Target's Dollar Spot for Halloween (most items run from $1 to $3):

 Lots of cute plastic tablecloths (though I couldn't find a size on these) and those
rolled up pieces of fabric with eyeballs and pompoms on them are placemats
(they also had some of these with pumpkins on them)!

 Lots of Halloweenie decorative buckets! I think Target just put most of this stuff
out since the pricetags below often don't match (and probably refers to the
summer junk that used to be in that bin).

 LED luminaries in many different patterns, from sugar skulls to cats to 
jack-o-lanterns to bats!

 Small (soy) milk bottles with colorful straws

 Plastic Halloween plates! They had a black cat, bat, jack-o-lantern, and I think
maybe a skull?

 Tiny Halloween goodie bags

 Eeeeeek, some boo-tiful enamel pins for only $1 for two! I am not really 
a fan of enamel pins, but these are just too adorable to pass up.

 More treat bags

 Halloween arts and crafts, featuring poms, big googly eyes, skulls, stickers, 
and notepads!

 Plastic treat buckets for a dollar.

 Trick or treat bags (or, if you're like me, new lunch bags)!

Strange light up squishy characters. Unusual but intriguing!

Target was a real madhouse when I went, and there were so many kids and parents trying to look at the Dollar Spot stuff - everyone seemed pretty stoked to see Halloweenie items out (except for one dumb kid that whined it wasn't even October yet, but he'll probably grow up to be miserable so that's that). I'm going to have to go back when it is a little calmer and I can spend more time scoping out the Halloween merch. However, I did manage to fight my way out of there with some creepy-cute scores! Check out what I picked up below:

I ended up buying lots of stickers, lots of "to-do" notepads (I love making lists, 
so I always buying a ton of these Halloween notepads to use year-round), those 
adorable enamel pins, some pumpkin clothespins (I use them as chip clips), 
and a Pumpkin Spice Everything tank (which was sadly not in the dollar section,
 it was $12.99, but I love their Halloween tanks and pumpkin spice so I decided
to get it).

Does your Target Dollar Spot have any Halloween goodies stocked yet? What's your favorite thing in the Halloween Dollar Spot so far? Let me know in the comments below.

UPDATE: Target now has their entire Halloween collection out in stores! Check out the goods HERE!

Stay spooky!


  1. Our Targets have taken longer to get all the School stuff out and the Halloween in... I'm anxiously anticipating what Decor will be offered this year... for a retail chain store they usually have a nice selection.

  2. Now I need to go to Target to check this stuff out! I love those pins! I have the 'pumpkin spice' tank from last year, I actually got it on clearance! I LOVE the material and I wear it all the time to the gym, YEAR ROUND. I get lots of comments on it :-)
    Great website! I went to Walgreens yesterday and they had their 'Nightmare Before Christmas' stuff out, I bought 4 stuffed mini dolls (Sally, Oogie Booky, pumpkin head and Zero) to go with the Jack I bought last year! They had a great selection, but that was because i went when they were literally still putting it out!


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