Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Halloween 2017 at Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween! Love the big werewolf prop they have this year and their
spooky cute walk-through!

Is there anything better than seeing Halloween stores like Spirit Halloween pop up?! They are one of the harbingers of Halloween and I always look forward to their banners adorning otherwise vacant buildings. Last week I headed out to the closest Spirit Halloween store that was open and basically had the whole store to myself! They were still setting up most of their displays and didn't have everything out yet, but I was still so excited for the chance to get in and check out all their Halloween props, decor and costumes!

There is nothing better than seeing a Spirit Halloween pop-up store!

I like visiting Spirit for their props, prop displays, decor, accessories, lighting, and massive selection of costumes. This year, I am really excited about their officially licensed Hocus Pocus products, including blankets, pillows, kitchen items, and costumes.

Huge and delightfully creepy clown animatronic prop

While Spirit has many, many costumes, I didn't really focus on these during my visit as you can view them on their website. However, I loved all the props and other items they had. They had some neat stuff this year, and while we wait for more stuff to be stocked and more Spirit stores to open, check out some of the products they did have out during my visit below!

One of my first stops was their Hocus Pocus display. There were only a few items out (they promised more were coming soon), but check out what they had out on the shelves:

 Hocus Pocus mystery keyrings! They have Dani, Binx, Billy, Max, and
all three Sanderson Sisters!

 Hocus Pocus cups

 Hocus Pocus shot glasses

Hocus Pocus art (I wish it wasn't glittery), "It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus" 
bowl, and Hocus Pocus spoon holders

Hocus Pocus throw and wall sign - that was all they had out, but promised 
more will be out soon!

 Nightmare Before Christmas items

 Ouija ghostly goodies

Ouija mugs

 They had some great signs this year - I especially love the gold and black
 "Psychic Readings" sign

 More signs and decor - that Trick or Treat sign is everything (I think they had
it last year, too)

 Creepy dolls

 These bathroom signs were very cool

 Spirit's prop display area has been taken over by aliens and space zombies!

Fogging alien capsule

Radioactive zombie 

All the skellies and skulls you could ever want!

 Stranger Things backdrop

 Adorable trick or treat buckets

 Trick or Treat bags and canvas totes - I want them all!

 Jack-o-lantern sweaters, dresses, Halloween panties, and other accessories

 T-shirts, scarves, and jack-o-lantern blazer for all you David S. Pumpkins fans


 Just look at these adorable little dudes!!

 Clowns are big this year, you can even get clown pathway markers

 Fearsome and festive signs

 Creepy candle decor - I really like the one with the spells and ghost stories books!

 Scary scarecrows - I love scarecrows, the creepier the better!

And here is what I ended up with - Hocus Pocus "It's Just a Bunch of Hocus 
Pocus" bowl, "I Put a Spell on You" socks, Hocus Pocus coasters, Hocus Pocus
throw, "Amuck Amuck Amuck" jar, Trick or Treat scarf, and three mystery
keyrings - I got Winifred, Mary, and Binx!

I love Spirit Halloween stores, it's so fun to get my Halloween fix by visiting them throughout the season. I'll have to go back when they have more stuff out as I am still on the hunt for the Sanderson Sisters' costumes and a few other Hocus Pocus items. I also want to check out more of their costumes. 

Want to see if your Spirit Halloween store is open or shop for these items online? Check out the Spirit Halloween website!

Until next time, stay spooky!


  1. I love Spirit Halloween! They're one of the only good and reasonably priced Halloween stores that ships internationally.

  2. I just stopped in tonight! They had most things out, but only the props at the front of the store plugged in. Did you see the haunted vacuum? Hilarious!

  3. I always do the same, even before our Halloween Spirit Stores are completely set up with their props, because I want to hit the Ouija merchandise before it gets picked clean!

  4. I'm looking for a t-shirt that is Orange and Black and has a haunted look with Jack-O-Lanterns at the front. The lady said that she got it at a costume shop, but I bet Spirit Halloween might have it. Did you see one like that?


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