Sunday, December 10, 2017

Wishing You A Very Gorey Christmas

I am sure you are familiar with the weird, whimsical Victorian- and Edwardian-inspired artwork of Edward Gorey. His illustrations were often mischievously macabre, poking a bit of fun at death and often populated by strange creatures, along with Victorian or Edwardian characters. His illustrations are both simple and complex, often hiding intricate detail in an otherwise common setting like a home or outdoors. Obviously, I love his work and seeing it makes me happy.

Gorey illustrated many Christmas and winter scenes during his long and eclectic life, many of them appearing in magazines, others used in books, greeting cards, and so on. These bring me so much joy this time of year and I wanted to share a few with you on this lazy Sunday; check them out below:

Fun fact: Did you know Edward Gorey was a lover of animals and had many pets throughout his lifetime? Per The Gorey House website, "He left his estate to The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust which he established for the welfare of all living creatures including not only cats, dogs, whales and birds, but also bats, insects and even invertebrates. After his death in 2000 his Cape Cod home was converted into the Edward Gorey House, a museum whose profits and programs help benefit animals rights and literacy causes." You can visit Gorey House in person if you are ever in Massachusetts - it is where Edward Gorey lived and contains some of his works of art! I hope to get there myself some day.

Until next time, stay spooky!


  1. Great to see all these collected in one place.

    Drummond Miles

  2. I recently listened to an episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class (a podcast) about Gorey. He was a really interesting guy! He was apparently a HUGE ballet fan, and would binge watch The Nutcracker during the Christmas season.

  3. Great collection of Gorey! I really like "Fruitcake", tried one once as a child, I'm still scarred. Does anyone even make those anymore?


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