Monday, June 4, 2018

Spooky Summer: 20 Swimsuits for Darklings

I cannot believe it is already June! I don't know where the first half of the year went, but the days are getting hotter and soon we will be in the wicked throes of temperatures that soar above 80 degrees (my preferred temperature is around 65 degrees at the max). While I generally like to remain indoors during the summer, there is something about this year that actually has me looking forward to long, languid days spent lounging near a pool, beach, or other body of water - in a killer swimsuit perfect for darklings, of course.

Lucky for you, I've scoured my favorite online haunts and scoped out their swimsuit collections for spooky swimsuits, from Halloween-inspired prints to vintage-styled black swimsuits. I've found 20 swimsuits in various cuts, styles, and prints that are just perfect for those of us that have gothic inclinations. The bathing suits I chose all have a certain dark flair and I am certain you will find something to adore for summer below:

1 comment:

  1. I'm so bummed that I'm too small for most swimsuits! Not that I go swimming often, LOL


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