Monday, September 3, 2018

Halloween 2018 at Roger's Gardens: A Hogwarts-Themed Boutique

One of my Halloween traditions is going to Roger's Gardens to check out their Halloween displays that are unveiled every Labor Day weekend. This year, they have a Harry Potter-inspired boutique decorated to look like Hogwarts, similar to last year's displays. Despite repeating the same theme as last year, I was excited to check out this year's displays.

When I attended opening day, I glad to see that the displays were different than last year's, though still Hogwarts-themed. It was a magical experience getting to be immersed in incredible rooms filled with potions, spellbooks, owls, and fantastic beasts. You can see photos from this year's Roger's Gardens Halloween boutique below:

 Hocus Pocus, the Hogwarts-inspired Halloween boutique at Roger's Gardens

 Front facade of the Halloween Boutique - such a good replica of Hogwarts!

 A corner nook and a house banner for Hufflepuffs (they had all the house
banners out, but I just happened to take a photo of this one, even though I 
most closely associate with Ravenclaw)

 They have these ornaments every year, and every year I'm entranced by them

 Book of spells

 Dumbledore's study

 I want to live here!

 Such a pretty little cabinet - the Magic banner was so cute but covered
in glitter, ick! I may attempt to just make my own.

Vintage-inspired masquerade masks (but, ugh, feathers)

 Moaning Myrtle was lurking around here...

I love this ghostly white corner

 Preparing for potions class

Unicorn skulls and owl wings

Swoon - I would love this as the entrance to my house!

Jolly jacks

 Herbology class is about to begin...

I half expected to see Professor Sprout pop up in this greenhouse!

Floating candles and snow-white owls

A glittery Death

A cabinet full of Johanna Parker vintage-inspired decor

Aragog, the giant spider, lurks above...

Close-up of some of the Johanna Parker pieces

Vintage-inspired pumpkin buckets and miniature haunted houses

Magical portraits that moved and changed adorned the walls

Can I just live here?

Masks and trinkets

Guarding one of the entrances to Hogwarts

If you are in the area, I highly recommend a visit to Roger's Gardens and their Halloween Boutique! While I usually don't purchase anything there, it is fun just to be immersed in the displays and admire all the amazing decor. It is free to get in, and you can wander their beautiful grounds while you are there as well. I recommend going early in the season, since it tends to get very crowded as we get closer to Halloween. 

Stay spooky!


  1. I absolutely ADORE Roger’s Gardens Halloween displays. I am so t you get to see it in person. I just had to go have another look at the video. That typewriter in Dumbledore’s office �� Sx

  2. I live in Southern California and have never made the journey to Rogers Gardens for Halloween. I have vowed to go this year! It absolutely looks fantastic! I can see they had some very nice wall coverings made! I love custom photography wall backdrops! Must see in person! Thank you so much for your photos!


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