Saturday, September 2, 2017

Halloween 2017 at Roger's Gardens: Magic and Mayhem

Halloween 2017 at Roger's Gardens

Roger's Gardens is a garden store in the Corona del Mar/Newport Beach area that transforms one of its buildings into whimsical Halloween-themed displays every year. They always open their Halloween displays on Labor Day weekend, and it's a tradition for me to check them out this time every year as it marks my kick off to all things autumn and Halloween (even though I celebrate Halloween every day in my heart)! It is always a treat to see the theme Roger's Gardens has chosen for the year come to life, and shop for some Halloween trinkets while I'm there.

This year's theme was Magic and Mayhem, paying homage to a certain wizarding world. I grabbed my vegan pumpkin spice latte from Peet's Coffee, despite the projected 100 degree temps, and hopped on my broomstick to fly over to Roger's Gardens to take a gander at their spellbinding Halloween displays. You can join me in the fun by checking out my photos below:

 Castle facade of Roger's Gardens' Magic and Mayhem Halloween displays

 Impressively large statue and gothic castle facade

 Just inside the entryway to Magic and Mayhem

You saw this cool city-scape with rolling fog and flashing lightening when 
you walked in from the castle side

 I love the Diagon Alley vibe, especially with all the signs!

This was the other entrance (through the garden shop) to Magic and Mayhem, 
a secret entryway through platform 9 3/4

Boo-tiful vintage-inspired decorations - this section reminded me of 
Honeydukes from Harry Potter since there was candy piled high in
big jars and bowls, and it was so bright and colorful!

 That black cat though!

These guys were one of my favorite pieces

These vintage-looking ghost lights were so precious, but unfortunately they 
were covered in glitter (though you can't really tell from the photo).

Join us for charms class

Mister Spooky has a thing for old pianos, and spent some time playing this
beautiful old thing!

 These owls totally reminded me of Hedwig in Harry Potter!

An homage to Care of Magical Creatures class, perhaps?! That tree
stump reminds me of a mandrake root.

RIP salt and pepper

Reproductions of old games and toys

 Love the expressions on these pumpkin witches

Unicorn skulls!

I loved the little dishes they had, which they've had the last few years as well

Bat skellies

How I feel when Halloween is near

 Mermaid skeleton!

Adorable little jack-o-lantern jars

Floating pumpkins

I only picked up a small dish and a little figurine, as Roger's Gardens tends to be on the pricey side. I love going mostly to look at their boo-tiful displays, though, so it was a fun visit even though I didn't buy much.

For more information, check out Roger's Gardens' website!

Stay spooky!

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  1. Darn it, Sarah! Every year I say that I am going to visit Rogers Gardens to experience their Halloween decor first hand, and every year I miss it. Grrr. Thank you for the pics. I am disappointed that I missed so much Harry Potter-inspired Halloween! Next year for sure!


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