Sunday, July 8, 2012

Halloween Party Planning Begins: Zombie Prom

 Dying to Party!

Sheesh, I feel like I am so behind on my Halloween planning even though it is only July. Around this time of year, though, I usually already have my costume picked out, the theme all planned out, a date chosen, and lots of ideas for games/food/etc.

This year though, I’m lagging a bit behind, even though we are only 114 days away from Halloween! I have decided on a theme, though: zombie prom! I know zombies are a bit over-played at the moment, but who cares? I have always loved zombies and I think this theme would allow people a lot of creativity in choosing their costumes, plus would be really awesome/easy to decorate for! Some of my ideas for the party are below.

Costumes: Obviously, guests could come as just a regular ol’ zombie, but even better would be high-school themed zombies (undead cheerleaders, jocks, nerds, etc.). Guests could also choose to glam it up and come as undead prom attendees (puffy dresses, tiaras, corsages, tuxedos, are musts!) OR as their favorite deceased celebrity (how cool would a zombie Marilyn be?). Another unique option would be to do Dia de Los Muertos skeleton makeup…I love Dia de Los Muertos, so I would definitely welcome that costume. Whatever undead costume guests pick, though, a pale complexion, sunken eyes and cheekbones, tattered clothes and blood are all musts! There are lots options for zombie costumes (how cute would a Plants vs. Zombies couple’s costume be?!) and I can’t wait to see what creative creepy-crawlies everyone dresses up as!

Decorations: I’m thinking tons of balloons and streamers, lots of confetti over everything, using black butcher paper to create silhouettes of gravestones and shambling zombies on the walls, scattering bloody handprints/blood splatter and body parts here and there, having a “zombie contamination zone” and so on! I will also have a prom photo area decorated with a "Zombie Prom 2012" banner where guests can take their prom photos.

Music/Entertainment: I will have ‘80s/’90s prom classics (suggestions, please!!) alongside zombie-themed songs playing on the iPod and I could have zombie movies playing in the background or in a separate room.

Games: There will be a costume contest and the winners will be crowned King and Queen of the zombie prom. We could play zombie-themed games like zombie trivia, a zombie survival game, a contest for best zombie impression, etc. for entertainment. Zombie prizes will be given to the winners!

Food: There are tons of options for food, but I would definitely make some zombie finger cookies and would definitely have some sort of braaaaaaaiiiiin (don’t worry, it will be vegan!) dish. I’m thinking a bloody brains dip made with (vegan) cream cheese and salsa served with bat wings (blue corn tortilla chips) and maybe some brain cupcakes or blood-shot eyeballs.

I’m getting excited thinking of ideas already! I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to host another Halloween party (I skipped hosting one last year), but now I am totally stoked and ready to hunt down some braaaaaaaaiiiiins for this year’s festivities!

Suggestions are much appreciated…sound off below if you have any for this theme!

What are you planning for this Halloween? Or is it too early for you to even be thinking about?


  1. Have you tried vegan gelatin brains...super's fun just watching people eating them!
    Here is the mold we used:

    Here is the vegan gelatin recipe **read the review section for handling the agar agar**
    A little different texture than Jello but..hey..they're braaaaains!

    For coloring the brain we used this recipe but with vegan alternate for the milk:

    It is NEVER to early to start thinking Halloween, I don't think I ever quit. I had all my decorations ordered in April and costumes ready in May!!!

  2. It definitely isn't too early to start thinking about Halloween; I usually start my planning in July too, and I have nothing so far. I was thinking about a vampire dinner party, but getting my friends to dress in costumes at all is pulling teeth (or perhaps fangs in this case). Plus, I already have a bunch of decorations that aren't vampire themed. Meh. Still need a costume idea too.

    Zombie prom sounds fun, and definitely do the brain not-gelatin. A friend did that for my halfway-Halloween last year. I think it was strawberry flavored. I borrowed the mold and did brain cake for my Halloween party. I also did PB eyeballs, which were delicious. Is vegan white chocolate available? I don't know, 'cause I'm only lacto-ovo veggie. If it is, I can send the recipe.

    I think having various body parts strewn around, and maybe poking out of, the food would be a riot. If you're doing a punch bowl, I would suggest freezing some in a latex or vinyl glove and then dropping that in for your ice.

  3. I've been planning on my Halloween ideas since November 1. Incidentally, I've been dying (no pun intended) to DJ a Halloween party. I'd be down to do yours if you're interested.

  4. @Seeing Things - Thank you for the AMAZING vegan gelatin recipes!! I definitely want to try the vegan gelatin in a brain mold!

    @Pixel Pixie - I think your vampire dinner party sounds smashing! You should definitely do it and convince your friends to dress up. Vegan white chocolate is hard to find, but not impossible. I just may have to hunt some down to make eyeballs! For sure send me the recipe! :)

    @Captain Morgan - I usually start planning my Halloween Nov. 1st too, but I was actually lagging these past two years. Glad I'm back on track now, though! Ooooh you DJ'ing sounds cool (especially w/ your killer taste in music), but it'll be a pretty small party and our neighbors like to complain about noise a lot. :/ Do you DJ anywhere or just do it for fun?

    1. Here is the recipe, though I don't remember putting Rice Krispies in mine:

      Since the vegan white chocolate would be tough to find and you M & M's won't work for you, I would instead suggest making a glaze out of powdered sugar and your milk alternative of choice and using that instead. And then you could color a bit with food coloring for the iris, and use a dot of chocolate for the pupil. Just a thought.

      The brain cake I made is also from that site, though I used pumpkin cake instead of red velvet. If you try that, I would suggest mixing in frosting of some sort so it isn't as dry.

  5. Gotcha. I do mostly parties and things of that nature. Bummer on the noise deal.


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