Thursday, October 9, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Ghost Costumes

What else is more classic for Halloween than a good old ghost costume? I love ghost costumes not only because they are a classic, but because they are so versatile. The ghost costume can be as basic or as elaborate as the wearer wants. For example, you could dress up in fancy Victorian clothes or opt to just throw a white sheet over your body! And there are so many options and different ways to go with a ghost costume! You could be an evil ghost, a beautiful ghost, a scary ghost, a romantic ghost, an historical ghost, a famous ghost...the list goes on and on!

Since the theme for this month's countdown is ghosts, I wanted to share some spirited costumes and makeup to inspire you this month! I found many of these on Pinterest, so unfortunately I couldn't find their original sources (if you know them, please let me know so I can give credit to these!). Check them out below:

I love this vintage-looking ghost costume and makeup!

Epic Haunted Mansion costumes!

Flapper-inspired hair and red-tinged eyes/lips
 create a haunting yet sophisticated costume

I love this dark ghost look, completed with dark 
eye makeup, black lips, and white-out contacts. 
This could also be used for a demonic possession costume!

I love the white webbing used in this look
 and the slightly blue tint to the lips!

This dapper couple dressed up as two 
historical ghosts and I love their pale
makeup and all-white clothes.

Another Victorian look that's more cute than scary, 
but I do love how elegant it looks and it's easy to pull
off, too!

This look is much creepier and achieved with 
wispy cloak, gray wig, pale makeup and
eerie contacts. 

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