Thursday, May 12, 2016

20 Summer Goth Essentials to Survive the Sun

UPDATE: Check out other Summer Goth Essentials on my 2018 list and 2017 list!

Summer is swiftly approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere and temperatures are already inching up into uncomfortable territory (I can't stand anything over 75 degrees Fahrenheit; yes, I'm a delicate little flower). Though summertime means that Halloween is right around the corner, we still have to get through the sweltering days, which can be a challenge for those of us that prefer dark and dreary to bright and cheery.

So, to help cope with the impending sunshiny doom, I've put together a survival list of 20 summer essentials for dark hearts like myself. Most of these items are for spooky ghouls (sorry boils) and include creepy clothes, sinister swimsuits, boo-tiful bags, macabre makeup, and more. These are all items I either love or covet, I have not been paid to post them. Also, everything you see is vegan and cruelty-free. And I think it goes without saying, but ALL BLACK EVERYTHING (ok, with a few exceptions)!

I hope these 20 items keep you cool and creepy this summer!

20 Summer Goth Essentials to Survive the Sun:

Vaute Couture Vanessa Maxi Dress in Black - This gorgeous dress is the epitome of summer ease. You can throw it over a swimsuit, wear it for moonlight walks, or dress it up for a candlelit dinner. It is made with 100% vegan chiffon of 100% recycled synthetic fibers and cut and sewn with love in NYC. They have a variety of other styles and this season they are even making hand-sewn swimsuits in a gorgeous celestial print!

Black Moon Cosmetics Selene lipstick - This beautiful deep plum lipstick has a gorgeous soft purple pearlescent sheen that will still reflect your deliciously dark side while imbuing it with a little color and luster this summer. Not only that, but this lipstick lasts five hours or more and is smudge-proof, not to mention vegan and cruelty-free, annnnnd it smells like vanilla cake! I love Black Moon's lipsticks, and this one just screams "gothic summer" to me!

Spooky Swimsuits - In case of an invite to a pool or beach party this summer or just for those days when you need to take a dip in the nearest body of water to cool off, a cute black swimsuit is a necessity! I love the one-piece swimsuit above from Heavy Red as well as the Moon Bats bikini from Rat Baby below!

Black Swan Pool Float - It's not like they make pool floats shaped like bats or black cats (though they should), but I did find this darkly gorgeous black swan pool float that will make a big splash at the next pool or lake party you attend.

Lacy swimsuit cover up - There is nothing better than a loose, lacy swimsuit cover up on a hot summer day! And the one above available from Target has a crochet pattern that offers ventilation and will keep you extra cool at the pool. Besides wearing this over a swimsuit at the beach or pool, it would also be great over a tank top and shorts.

Wide Brim Sun Hat - Essential for keeping the evil sun rays off your pale resplendence. Just make sure it isn't made out of wool (wool comes from sheep, and these poor creatures are abused and harmed for their wool [read more about why you shouldn't wear wool HERE], plus wool is HOT). Opt for hats made from light vegan materials like straw or other fabrics that aren't animal derived and will keep you in the shadows.

Parasol - If you don't want to mess up your hair wearing a sun hat, consider using a parasol for extra sun protection. They come in a variety of styles, can easily be found online and some will even protect against a rare summer rain. Plus, they look adorable when strolling down the beach or boulevard!

Killer Sunglasses - Protect your peepers not only from UV rays but also from those that might otherwise see you rolling your eyes every time someone asks how you can stay cool wearing so much black. I dig the above custom-made Vengeance sunglasses from Glitter and Goregous on Etsy!

Author Segovia Amil and her creation Ophelia Wears Black

Ophelia Wears Black by Segovia Amil - You definitely want some quality reading material this summer, right? Something you can read by the seaside or under a willow tree in the cemetery. I believe this collection of poetry and prose from Segovia Amil is perfect, as it features short soliloquies on the dark side of the human experience. This book is perfect way to retreat into the shadows when summertime seems like it is relentless and endless.

Moon Phases Beach Towel - You don't have to be doomed to carry a bright, colorful towel to the beach or pool this summer. Why not find a beach towel that aligns more with your dark inclinations, like this gorgeous moon phases towel!

Ethereal skirt - The beauty of this is that you throw it over your swimsuit for an easy cover up or pair it with a cute t-shirt or tank to keep it easy and breezy while still looking fierce! I'm in love with the one pictured above from Dolls Kill, which adds an air of romance with its layers of tulle.

Lunatick Labs High Definition Microfinish Pressed Powder - Stop your makeup from running in the summer heat by using this powder to give your skin a matte finish. It will even out your complexion, blend fine lines, and keep you looking photo-ready even in icky humidity. Plus, it is cruelty-free and vegan as well!

Sinister Sandals - Since most goths shudder at wearing flip flops but really need something cooler than big stompy boots for summer, these platform gladiator sandals are a happy compromise. The Manifesto Gladiators above are made with vegan leather and feature adjustable, elastic bands while still giving you an edge.

This is what happens if I step outside without sunblock - I burn
just like poor doomed Claudia in Interview with the Vampire.

Sunscreen - Probably the most important item in everyone's summertime arsenal (pale goth or not), sunscreen protects your skin against sunburn and skin cancer. Summer sun can be harsh, so don't forget to apply sunscreen whenever you go outside. Opt for a cruelty-free and vegan brand, like this Alba Botanica's 45 SPF sunscreen!

Cemetery Gates Zine - This DIY zine from Missmuffcake via Etsy is chock full of amazing cemetery photos and poignant passages that makes it a perfect bite-sized summertime read while you laze around your bat cave. It also boasts interviews, essays, cemetery history, and more! The latest issue is Volume 4, but also check out older issues for more! Warning: It WILL inspire you to go out and explore and photograph your local cemeteries this summer.

Soft, loose tanks - Comfy tanks, like this Seitanist tank (Hail Seitan!) from Chiaralascura (also available from Rabbit Food Grocery here in the U.S.) are absolutely essential for hot summer days. They are loose enough so that you can breath in the oppressive summer heat. Pair a tank with some cute shorts/pants and a big black hat and some sandals for a low-maintenance outfit to wear to a BBQ or picnic.

Wicked Duffle Bag - This bag by Killstar is made from 100% vegan leather and is ideal for weekend getaways or packing all your essentials for a day at the beach, pool, or cemetery. I love its spooky print of coffins, skulls, moths, arcane symbols, etc., too!

Hydrate - Almost as important as sunscreen, and now you can goth up your hydration routine with blk. water, which contains fulvic acid that naturally turns the color black and helps our bodies absorb nutrients. I love this stuff, which I fondly refer to as "goth water". If you'd rather buy a reusable bottle, opt for a Hydro Flask (available in tons of sizes and colors, I have a 40 oz. in black and a 32 oz. in orange), which keeps your water cold for 12 hours (seriously, it works!). I take mine with me everywhere!

Frightwares' Bat Choker - While I still want to adorn myself in summer, I don't want anything too heavy or clunky. Simple is best in summer, when you want to wear the least amount possible, even when it comes to jewelry! Which is why this understated but lovely bat choker from Frightwares is absolutely divine! There are also other designs available, including a broomstick, coffin, and devil, along with the stunning cameos Frightwares creates.

Hurraw Moon Balm Night Treatment - I don't know about you, but my lips get super dry during the summertime. I need something extra to keep them feeling smooth and healthy, and I found that Hurraw's Moon Balm works great overnight to keep them hydrated. It also has a pleasing, herbal scent that soothes me to sleep.

That's 20 Summer Goth Essentials to Survive the Sun! I hope you found it helpful and can use some of these items to stay cool and pass the time until autumn arrives.

What did I miss? What are your must-have Summer Goth Essentials?

Stay spooky and keep cool!

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  1. Thank you for giving Cemetery Gates a shout out. I will be exploring as many cemeteries as I can this summer! TIP: use sunblock if you are exploring in the day - very important! not only will your skin thank you (no thanks skin cancer, helps keeps tattoos from aging) but it is just needed!

    i really like the swimsuit coverup. i am not one for swimming but if i did - yes please!

  2. This is a great list! I couldn't agree more with your picks. I've been wanting to try Blk. Water for so long but the boy friend always shames me out of it because he thinks it's a waste of money. :)

  3. Great list! And I love the hidden pentagram in the bikini!

  4. Ok now you are like, the 4th or 5th person just this month to go on about these HURRAW lipbalms--I think the universe is telling me to give them a try! (Edit: I did and now I love them!)

    Also: that beach towel is perfect! I spend one day of the year out in the sun, from about 8a-8p in my sisters pool on the fourth of July and unfortunately it gives me a bit of a tan to last the whole year long but I won't feel so bad about it if I have this moony towel to dry off with.

    I got the Segovia Amil back in December of last year, bit if I may, I have a recommendation for you! Katie Metcalfe's In The Hours Of Darkness

  5. I just saw that BlackCraft has two new pool floats on their website. One is their logo, a pentagram with their name on it. The other is a ouigi board planchette!

  6. does anyone know any lists like this for guys?? it's so hard to find goth fashion tips for men and i can't find any good summer clothes for guys. this was a grate list though! super cute stuff. I'll defiantly take some stuff from here.


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